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 225+ engineers for
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 1.000+ standardized force
sensors 20 grams - 1000t

Case Studies

We believe we make you stronger

Hospital bed Vitalgo uses H8C

Medical hospital bed uses modified Zemic H8C loadcell

Zemic Europe was honoured to help Vitalgo in the design of the Total Lift Bed new weighing system; one scale located in the sleep deck and one located in the patented Foot Lifter™ footboard.

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Food Zuply by Innovend

Smart catering solution “Food Zuply” equipped with award winning Object Identification System

Zuply makes life easier. Healthy meals at work any time of the day. This is why Zuply developed this smart catering solution. 

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Emergency Toilet

Zemic loadcells used for weighing in Emergency Toilet

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education has developed the Emergency Toilet, a sanitation solution to be utilized during the aftermath of a disaster. The toilet will improve the quality of life for people in need and minimizes the threat to public health.

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CS overview

Zemic elevator weighing kits used in Euromast elevator

Vebo Liftsupport B.V. is specialised in elevator instal-lations since 1999. For the renovation of the elevators in the Euromast they used elevator weighing kits from Zemic. The Euromast is the highest tower in the Netherlands that is open to the public.

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esense thumb

Indes uses Zemic miniature sensors for Esense

Esense is an add-on solution for heavy mobile care products. Integrated sensors ‘feel’ the natural manual force of the user. The system transfers this to a smooth intuitive drive support. 

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CS overview

VMG Parts uses Zemic miniature sensors for their Tension Meter

VMG Parts is specialized in sports equipment optimization and has developed the VMG Tension Meter; a sailing gadget that measures the tension in a few minutes. Zemic has designed a new miniature sensor which fits exactly in the tension meter.

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Zemic strain gages used in development of the exoskeleton

Project MARCH develops an exoskeleton, a motoric harness which enables people with a Spinal Cord Injury to stand up and walk again. During the development Zemic strain gages are used to measure forces.

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silo's food industry

IJsselmolen uses Zemic load cells, mounts and electronics for Silo management

De IJsselmolen is a modern Dutch family business that produces raw materials for the food industry. Zemic delivers the best solution in the field of force sensors, weighing modules and electronics for the monitoring, weighing and dosing of their silos.

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WEP-Weisshaupt uses Zemic loadpins in material lifts

WEP-Weisshaupt is a powerful engineering company that manufactures various equipment, including material lift systems. With the components of Zemic WEP-Weisshaupt has produced a material lift with integrated overload detection system.

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Indaco TomBox

Indaco Project uses Zemic loadcells for their Personal Storage Machine

Indaco Project is specialized in hardware and software automation of various industrial processes. With the loadcells of Zemic Indaco has produced a Personal Storage Machine for real time stock management; the TomBox.

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DAMTECH - Egg-Handling BV uses Zemic loadcells and Weight transmitters for their egg-weighing machine

DAMTECH Egg-Handling BV develops machines to offer farmers a sustainable solution for the future. With the components from Zemic DAMTECH has produced an automatic egg sorting machine to weigh and sort 28800 eggs per hour.

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Wireless Value

Wireless Value uses Zemic miniature sensors for weight measurement for fruit and vegetables

Agrisensys is an internet of things (IoT) solution to gain more knowledge and better control of water irrigation among growers of, among others, tomato, cucumber and Hortensia. For this purpose, wireless weighing is applied with force sensors from Zemic.

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Store 2.0 from Edge

Edge uses Zemic Single Point for converting retail space into sales

Edge NPD’s underStand is an Internet of Things hardware and software solution for both retailers and manufacturers. It is a weight sensor-based, cloud connected device which collects and processes data from POS in real time.

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Innovative Beehive uses Zemic Single Point Loadcell

FPGA company developed an innovative beehive, they have called it HiveWatch. Zemic Europe developed a customized version of a single point loadcell for this beehive weighing system.

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Cabin weighing system

Elevator system for overload protection and more

The engineering teams at Zemic have worked together to make the most efficient and cost effective solution for overload detection systems for elevators and lifting systems.

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Samonite cabin size scanner

L6T load cells and weight transmitters integrated in the Cabin Size Scanner for suitcases

Innovend used Zemic Singlepoint Load Cells and Top-Sensors Transmitters to install the Cabin Size Scanner for suitcases in several stores in City Centre and Airports.

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Omnidea H3G HAWE

Omnidea uses S-type loadcell for High Altitude Wind Energy Conversion

Omnidea uses a Zemic H3G loadcell for High Altitude Wind Energy Conversion. Until now electricity production from wind has been derived exclusively from wind turbines. H.A.W.E. offers a radical new alternative to current wind generators.

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Rega Q70 miniature sensor

Rega uses Q70 miniature force sensor to enhance the quality of sound on turntables

In a unique collaboration between Zemic Europe and Variohm (our UK Distributor) we supplied and advised Rega with a miniature sensor to enhance the quality of sound on turntables with the development of the Atlas Tracking force scale.

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See how VHM-Machinery developed an allround machine for the agriculture with Zemic Products.

Together with Zemic Europe, VHM-Machinery has found a solution for their most efficient Nº1 BoxFilr machine. 

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Team Phidippides want to make Europes most durable vehicle, Zemic Europe helped

Team Phidippides and Zemic Europe have worked together to make the most efficient vehicle to attend the Shell Eco marathon 2017 in London, England.

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bike force sensors

Zemic takes part in sustainable bicycle alternative

Together with the EBCC ( E-Bike competence center)  of the Accell Group, European marketleader of e-bikes, Zemic has developed a force sensor to measure the pedal force on electrical bikes

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Novuqare sealer

Novuqare uses miniature sensors for sterile sealing medical instruments

Zemic Europe supplied Novuqare customized miniature sensors for a medical sealing device. Novuqare develops innovative medical products in-house.

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Phenospex L6N

Phenospex uses L6N loadcell in field or greenhouses

Zemic Europe developed and supplied Phenospex with a customized version of the L6N loadcell for drought research and breeding. Phenospex developed a gravimetric platform  to monitor transpiration in field or greenhouses.

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fokker being weighed

Fokker Four Team cannot take off without Zemic Weighpad's!

Airplanes Fokker Four Team cannot take off without Zemic Weighpad's!

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pylon measurement

Shockload measurement with 700 tonnes loadcell

Zemic developed, produces and delivers special force sensors which are applied in the RLT (Rapid Load Testing) for pylons. This installation of the company CapeHolland involves a shaft, an elevator and a deadweight no less than 80 tonnes.

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Babybloom incubator force sensors

Incubator Babybloom equipped with force sensors

The BabyBloom incubator has been designed using the input of many doctors, nurses, technical staff and parents of incubator children. The BabyBloom Changing Scale integrates a weighing scale and a changing mat into a single device. 

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onboard h10j loadcell

Onboard loadcells meet the challenging onboard demands

The H10J load cells provide the payload, tare and overload security measurement for tipping vehicles up to 32 tonnes with information that is essential for safety.

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T1 box

Time & Space saving weighing transmitters

Process industry is using Top-Sensors transmitters to save time and space.

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bm24r loadcell in use

Weighing solution harsh "wash down" and hazardous environments

Excellent solution for accurate weighing in the most  harsh “wash down” and hazardous environments, in the food, chemical and process industries. 

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probotiq b8q

Precision Agriculture with Zemic loadcells

Precision agriculture is all about performing the right treatment, at the right place and at the right time. 

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cash counting machines

Cash counting using Zemic miniature sensors

Zemic force sensors can be used in all markets requiring payment systems in machines.

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Zemic Europe: specialist of custom made miniature sensors

As a designer and manufacturer of millions of straingages Zemic has developed itself as a specialist of custom made miniature sensors.

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IP69K loadcell BM6G

Cleaning loadcell with 80°C and 90 Bar: IP69K

IP69K is the Ingress Protection classification for devices that can be cleaned by high pressure water jets. 
The unique selling point for our customers is the combination of stainless steel and IP69K.

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