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About Zemic Europe

Dear Visitor,

"We believe we make you stronger!" is directly followed by our Zemic Europe Logo.

We strongly believe that our focus on creating value for our customers will help them to differentiate themselves in their market.

As a leading manufacturer and designer of loadcells, straingages and force sensors the best quality /price ratio is not the only reason why customers choose for Zemic Europe. The choice is often based on their success in the market and with this the basis for a long term relationship.

Zemic Europe is your partner for force sensors and we warmly invite you to our head office in The Netherlands!

Kind regards,

Erik van Wijk
Erik van Wijk
General Manager
Zemic Europe B.V.

Our Promise

We are here to help our European customers with all enquiries and assisting you with your challenges. With 34 years of being active in the field of weighing you can expect from us a professional technical support for your application and we can give you advice for the “best fit”  load cell, mounting hardware, strain gage or pressure and torque transducer. Zemic Europe can also offer you your own private label with or without OIML approvals and if our wide range of standard products does not meet your requirements our engineering staff of over 225 engineers is ready to design a special product according to your specifications.

Our Headoffice in Europe is based in The Netherlands from where we stock thousands of products which can be delivered within 1 day to anywhere in Europe. Your own online webaccount enables you to order online and check the availability of our products.

Zemic Europe Warehouse

Our History

ZEMIC, founded in 1965 by the Chinese aviation industry (AVIC), has built up a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of load cells, strain gages and sensors in the Asian region and as a manufacturer of many known brand names in the European and American load cell market. This is largely due to the quality and versatility of our products. Furthermore, our customers place increasingly more value on reliable service, from stock deliveries and professional consultancy in the area of application know-how.

Meet the team

Meet the team

  • Rachel Brocklebank
    Rachel Brocklebank: Key account & New Business - Sales
    I am a positive person and dedicated to finding solutions for our customers. I look after our English speaking customers, as English is my native language. I am also part of the online sales team.
  • Carollyn Rojas
    Carollyn Rojas: New Business - Sales
    As a member of the Zemic Europe Sales team, my native Spanish language enables me to support and assist all of our Portuguese and Spanish customers. I am also a member of online sales team. I can speak Spanish, Dutch and English.
  • Claudia van Maasakkers
    Claudia van Maasakkers: Key Account - Sales
    I am responsible for key accounts and my goal is to serve them in the best “Zemic way” I can. Fast and clear info, searching for solutions and accuracy are a few of my keywords. The languages I speak are: Dutch, English, German, Italian and French.
  • Petra Bogers
    Petra Bogers: Key Account - Sales
    I am responsible for the key accounts within Zemic Europe. My focus is to create added value for our customers by enabling them to have the information and answers they need as fast as possible. The languages that I speak are French, Dutch, Spanish, English and German.
  • Gertjan Vriends
    Gertjan Vriends: New Business - Sales
    I am a member within the Zemic Europe Sales team. I speak Dutch and English. I am also a member of the online sales team. Looking forward to speaking with you!
  • Peter Kuijpers
    Peter Kuijpers: New Business - Sales
    My aim is to serve our customers as efficiently as possible and creating added value through open communication & cooperation. I look after our German speaking customers but I also speak English and Dutch. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  • Jasper Rozendaal
    Jasper Rozendaal: New Business - Sales
    I believe we make you stronger! I speak Dutch and English and I am a member of the sales team. I primarily look after our Scandinavian Customers. It is also possible to chat with me via our online chat because I am also a member of the online sales team.
  • Alex van Wijk
    Alex van Wijk: Business Development Manager
    At Zemic Europe I am your contact person for elevators or lift overloading systems in Europe. If your company is looking for any solution or do have technical or commercial questions I am looking forward to help you.
  • Maarten Kleemans
    Maarten Kleemans: Marketing & Account Manager
    I am responsible for all the marketing within Zemic Europe. My aim is to serve our customers as efficiently as possible. I also look after our German speaking customers and can speak English and Dutch.
  • Kim Paulussen
    Kim Paulussen: Marketing Specialist
    Together with my colleague Maarten Kleemans I’m responsible for the marketing within Zemic Europe. My aim is to serve our customers by providing information via our website and mailings in order to support the Zemic Sales team.
  • Corné van Gool
    Corné van Gool: Sales Manager
    I am part of the Zemic team since 2007 and advise both customers and colleagues about the best fit sensor. My focus are key accounts and custom made solutions in all market segments. My technical background helps supporting our customers in their own language as I speak Dutch, German and English fluently.
  • Sander Fiere
    Sander Fiere: Technical Manager
    As the technical manager at Zemic Europe, I am responsible for maintaining and monitoring the quality standard of our products, together with improving our product and production process. I also focus on new development and the optimization of the force transducers to suit our customers’ demand. I believe that, together with our Chinese colleagues, we can offer the best fit for our customers’ application.
  • Astrid van den Berg
    Astrid van den Berg: Technical Specialist
    I am one of the technical employees at Zemic Europe. I am responsible for repairs and monitoring the process of production, logistics and administration. I like to work according to procedures, in whatever process possible and make it more efficient, following the guidelines of Lean Six Sigma. I believe that customer-oriented service is the core of a long term collaboration.
  • Erik van Wijk
    Erik van Wijk: General Manager
    One of the founders of Zemic Europe in 2006. Started in 1988 in the loadcell business at Revere Transducers. I firmly believe that our organisation is based on an enjoyable working environment, open communication, team work and courage. These are the important ingredients in obtaining success for our customers.