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    best quality / service / price ratio
  •  60.000+ loadcells on stock
    in Europe for fast delivery
  •  280+ engineers for
    custom products
  •  1.000+ standardized force
    sensors 20 grams - 1000t

Cash counting using Zemic miniature sensors

Zemic force sensors can be used in all markets requiring payment systems in machines such as gaming and amusement, kiosk, vending, public transport, carwash and retail.  Cash counting machines have been developed to reduce human error and save time with fast, accurate counting. Coin sorting machines provide users with high speed and accurate counting and sorting, as each coin has its own specific weight, this is made possible by using our Zemic force sensors.


Loadcell demands

  • Low built in height.
  • OIML approved products
  • High accuracy
  • Adapted or customized force sensor
single point miniature sensors

Zemic Europe delivers miniature sensors and single point load cells for cash weighing applications

Zemic Europe delivers miniature sensors and single point load cells for cash weighing applications, in a range from 20 gram up to 40kg (Emax). The built-in space in these kind of applications is in most cases very limited however with our program of force sensors we have numerous possibilities. When there are specific requirements from the customer, Zemic is able to provide a suitable adapted solution or a customized single point load cell or low profile miniature sensor. 



Wide range of single point loadcells and miniature sensors.

We offer a wide range of OIML-R60 approved single point load cells which you might need in your legal-for-trade cash application. In certain cases it is possible to adapt the load cell within the current OIML approvals. If you have any questions please call us or send an email to info@zemic.nl. 







cash weighing
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