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Zemic single point loadcell used for Personal Storage Machine

Indaco Project Group is a group of companies established in 2001 as software company in Data Collection Area. Over the years, They have been specialized in hardware and software automation of 4 industrial processes: Human Resources, Safety & Security, Personal Storage Machines and Manufacturing Execution System. Their data collection and control solutions are driven by their software platform and provide real time intelligence to optimize all the operations and job sites.

Indaco wanted to develop a new storage machine which automatically detects the quantity taken by the use of weight sensors. They were looking for an expert in the field of load cells and they contacted Zemic Europe. Zemic was excited to help Indaco Project develop a state-of-the-art Personal Storage machine.

Zemic & Indaco Project

  • State-of-the-art Personal Storage Machine
  • Optimization of the processes, minimum stock levels and minimization of costs
  • Internet of Things Solution
  • Experience of technology innovation combined with force sensor know-how
  • Zemic Europe’s best quality, service and price ratio


How Zemic Europe could help Indaco Project

Zemic has a very wide program of sensors and more than 30 years of experience in the field of weighing. Zemic has a strong focus on creating value for her customers to help them to differentiate themselves in their market.

The Personal Storage Machines like the TomBox allow users to monitor in real time the effective consumptions of the objects and to decrease waste and time. Zemic found it very interesting to help Indaco Project developing this Machine. Zemic could give the needed professional support and advice for the best fit loadcell. The TomBox is developed with highly precise and accurate single point aluminium loadcells.

About the TomBox

TomBox is one of the Personal Storage Machines; automatic intelligent warehouses for management of different articles used in a company. These systems are designed and manufactured by Indaco Project to monitor in real time the handling of objects. TomBox, is part of Internet of Things (IoT) and automates the entire distribution flow and withdrawal of small metal items, class C items and other objects with high frequency of use.

Features of the TomBox:

•   Register each withdrawal with date, time, task and user
•   Identifies and authorises the items able to be taken using the personalised badge
•   Detects the quantity taken automatically by weight sensors placed under the storage units
•   View the article taken on the integrated touchscreen
•   High capacity storage within a small space
•   Reduces consumption and allows the company to understand what is used most and in what work phases
•   Send automatic e-mails when reaching minimum stock levels or the sub-contract and for reordering to the supplier, cancelling production stops
•   Alert with alarms in case of withdrawal without identification or tampering
•   It improves the planning of the daily requirements of the articles on the production lines and optimizes the processes   

The configuration is flexible and depends on the company’s needs.


Zemic L6N single point load cell integrated in the TomBox

The L6N load cell was the best fit load cell to integrate in the TomBox. The L6N loadcell has the following characteristics:
• Aluminium-alloy IP65 single point load cell
• Colourless anodized
• Suitable for single or double load cell structured platform scales
• Maximum platform size: 350 x 400 mm
• OIML approved 

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