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Miniature sensors used for improving ergonomics by making moving easy

Indes creates innovative products for people. Products that people trust. Successful products, because they improve the everyday life of their customers. This requires creativity, but also the purposeful application of technology within different markets. Indes realizes integrated product development for clients with ambitions in the Medical Cure, Human Care and E-mobilty markets. They have been creating successful innovations for 30 years.

One of their key products is esense. Esense makes moving easy; heavy products are moved around as if they only weigh a couple of kilograms. The smart and patented system includes an electric drive wheel and one or more load cells. The load cells measure the natural push force of the user and transfer this to a smooth intuitive drive support.

There are many products that have been assembled with esense; for example, beds and stretchers for patient transport, heavy medical equipment, patient lifts and facility trolleys. Esense eliminates the high forces required for maneuvering these products and plays an active role in prevention of physical harm. Studies on patient lifts with esense show great appreciation for its functionality. Participants using esense report less physical complaints, so it really makes a difference.

The expertise and structured approach within Indes, enables them to develop distinctive and successful products, which in turn enable the customer to increase their market position in a structured manner. This expertise and approach matches with Zemics’ vision. We strongly believe that our focus on creating value for our customers will help them to differentiate themselves in their market. Zemic Europe's slogan is therefore "We believe we make you stronger!" In this case the solution literally “makes people stronger”.

Zemic & Indes

  • Force sensor know-how and expertise in product development
  • Knowledge and experience in innovation
  • Add-on solution for heavy mobile care products
  • Improving ergonomics
  • Zemic is specialist in custom made miniature sensors
Esense drive unit



How Zemic consulted Indes

Indes developed the esense technology together with Zemic Europe. Esense makes moving easier by using a fifth wheel. To control this fifth wheel a miniature force sensor is integrated into the grip. Zemic is specialized in the production and development of miniature sensors and has developed a sensor specifically for connecting to the Indes software. Zemic has added an extra cable and a connector.

As a designer and manufacturer of millions of straingages and miniature sensors Zemic has developed itself as a specialist in this field. Due to the limited space in a machine or the special mounting requirements it is a continuous challenge to develop a tailor-made fit for our customers. Zemic has a specially equipped miniature sensor department, for the design, sampling and production of custom made miniature sensors and is therefore the best partner for Indes.


About Esense from Indes

Esense systems are applied on a wide range of products, such as patient lifts, hospital beds, food trolleys and a mobile operating table. Esense makes it possible to move these products in a natural way for the user.

- Make heavy work feel easy; esense improves workplace safety, staff satisfaction and efficiency
- Patented technology; sensors 'feel' what the user wants and translate this to force and direction of the drive wheel
- Touch esense; move heavy products comfortably, around corners and over thresholds, on carpet and up slopes
- Fits any mobile care product; stretchers and hospital beds, patient lifts and facility trolleys, mobile equipment and operating tables
- Off-the-shelf kits; Integrated systems for fast and easy installation





Esense applications

Zemic Europe miniature sensors 

Miniature load cells because of their compact size usually use semiconductor strain gauges as the sensing element. They are available in many different configurations for both tension and compression force measurement. They offer good performance with high outputs and high overload capability for protection. Available capacities: 20 gram – 110 kg.
The 1HM Aluminium bending miniature sensor is used for esense. This sensor has a high accuracy and is available in capacities from 0,5 up to 20 kg.

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