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Edge uses Zemic Single Point for converting retail space into sales

Edge NPD’s underStand is an Internet of Things hardware and software solution for both retailers and manufacturers. It is a weight sensor-based, cloud connected device which collects and processes data from POS in real time.

EdgeNPD offers innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions with state-of-the-art tools to help retailers and manufacturers increase sales and ROI from retail space with minimum cost and risk. theStore2 Retail Lab software is a VR enabled 3d application for optimising planograms, POSM and space management, allowing for prototyping and testing future trade, marketing or in-store communication strategies. The solution facilitates faster and better decisions driven by advanced data analytics. The full-stack model allows clients to outsource the entire process necessary to manage the category efficiently - from market research, through analytics and decision making, with implementation and training of sales teams.

Edge NPD’s underStand is an Internet of Things hardware and software solution for both retailers and manufacturers. It is a weight sensor-based, cloud connected device which collects and processes data from POS in real time. UnderStand reports and analyses rotation and out of stock data from your promotional activities allowing to separate regular and promotional sales and gain full control over your secondary placement. UnderStand can be used for pre-testing future- or monitoring current promotions allowing to optimize replenishments and sales rep visits.

This goal of Edge NPD solutions matches very well with Zemic’s vision. As we strongly believe that our focus on creating value for our customers will help them to differentiate themselves in their market. Zemic Europe's slogan is therefore "We believe we make you stronger!". 

Zemic & Edge NPD

  • Force sensor know-how and retail expertise
  • Retail monitoring for real time POS data
  • Internet of Things, weight sensor based, cloud connected device
  • Custom made and modified force sensors
  • Fast deliveries of weighing components
edge iot



How Zemic consulted EDGE NPD

For the concept "Edge IoT underStand" which EDGE NPD developed, monitoring sales is the most important feature. Not only to detect when a product is bought by a consumer; but more importantly to monitor the product & turnover flow in order to optimize the retail store. All monitoring features of the "Edge IoT underStand" concept are meant to create the most optimum and efficient retail store. This is how space is converted into sales.

To have an accurate and reliable result EDGE NPD searched for a reliable partner which could supply a large number of single point loadcells in a relatively short time. Zemic Europe offered, with their european warehouse with 40.000 products in stock, the right combination of fast delivery together with the right quality/price/service ratio. This enabled EDGE NPD to act quickly and professionally, assisting their customers' needs within the fast moving consumer goods branch.


About underStand from EDGE NPD

EDGE NPD is the laureate of the 2017 edition of the New Europe 100 list. This is a listing of outstanding innovators in Central and Eastern Europe.
Edge underStand has the following benefits for retailers: 

1. underStand requires no involvement from the store – it can be installed on a variety of stands and can provide both stand-based or shelf-based monitoring
2. underStand makes it easy to organize and monitor promotions in real time so you can estimate future profits instantly
3. the unique architecture of underStand allows you to monitor parameters such as the effectiveness of shelf product distribution
4. underStand is integrated in all Edge systems: theStore, Geo, ProPOSe, VideoAnalysis, and Trade Planner


underStand from Edgenpd

Zemic Europe L6E single point loadcell for retail concept 

Single Point Load Cells are often installed in most small to medium sized platform scales. The L6E aluminium load cell is used for the "underStand" concept of Edge NPD. This is an aluminium alloy IP65 single point loadcell suitable for platforms up to 400 x 400 mm. The L6E family is available in OIML C3 , C4 and C5 accuracies in capacities from 50kg up to 300kg.

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