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How to make a load cell selection?

How to make a load cell selection?
Corné van Gool Sales Manager

Load cells should be selected based on their performance (accuracy grade), environmental sealing (construction and element material), overload capabilities (safety), load introduction (off-centre sensitivity), dimensions and ease of mounting. 

Never select load cells just on price as this may compromise system accuracy, long term trouble-free operation or even personnel safety!

Zemic Europe force sensors and load cells

Which type of force transducers are available and which ones are best used? Zemic Europe, has a wide and complete range of force transducers. Different types of load cells are available such as:

Single Point load cells;
Are used in small to medium sized platform scales with platform sizes between 200x200mm up to 1200x1200 mm. Available capacities 0,3kg up to 2t.

Planar Beam load cells;
Are used in applications where installation height is important, such as in medical and retail scales. Available capacities 6kg up to 130kg.

Bending Beam load cells;
Are used in pallet and platform weighing scales and small weighing bunkers. Available capacities 5kg up to 50t.

Shear Beam load cells;
Are used in scales applications in nearly every industry such as process, medical, retail, and agricultural. Available in capacities from 100kg to 50t.

Dual Shear Beam load cells;
Are used for truck/truck scales, tank and weighing bunkers. Available capacities 2,3t up to 113,4t.

S-type load cells;
Are used for pressure and pulling applications where static and dynamic forces are present, such as cranes. Available capacities 25kg up to 30t.

Compression load cells;
Are used for weighbridges, large weighing platforms and bunker scales. Available capacities 500kg up to 800t.

Ring Torsion load cells;
Are used for high accuracy weighing bunkers, silos, platforms, and pallet scales. Available capacities 60kg up to 60t.

Spoke Type load cells;
Are used with a low installation height and relatively high precision and for measuring large forces, capacities range from 1t-700t.

Onboard load cells;
Used for weighing on board a truck, tractor, or other vehicle. Range 6t-10t.

Are integrated for measuring dynamic, static, and hoisting forces. These solutions are often custom made. Available capacities 0,5t up to 100t.

Portable weighing pads for weighing cars and determining the center of gravity of airplanes 650kg – 15t.

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Zemic Europe has a wide and complete range of force transducers
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