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Aerospace is an important sector for Zemic. Zemic was founded in 1965 and its roots come from the Chinese aviation industry. With aircraft weighing and helicopter weighing sensors are essential for controlling the center of gravity or for the total weight of the aircraft. We also manufacture weigh pads and solutions for luggage weighing.

Straingages used for airplanes

airplane wing


Zemic, worldwide known for its development and production of straingagessensors and load cells, is part of the AVIC group. (Aviation Industry Corporation of China)

AVIC, as one of the leading aerospace companies in the world, is using Zemic gages and sensors for the design and production of airplanes.

Why an airplane is showed in the Zemic Europe logo 

In our logo we show an airplane followed by the letters BB. As a company key value we say BB stands for "Be Better". Our ambition is to strengthen our market position by creating value for our customers, in order for them to differentiate their products and services in their market; "to be better".

However the fact is, that BB stands for the first series of straingages produced by Zemic. These straingages were glued on the wings of airplanes

Logo Zemic Europe

Case Studies

  1. Innovend used Zemic Singlepoint Load Cells and Top-Sensors Transmitters to install the Cabin Size Scanner for suitcases in several stores in City Centre and Airports.

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  2. Airplanes Fokker Four Team cannot take off without Zemic Weighpad's!

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  3. Process industry is using Top-Sensors transmitters to save time and space.

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We believe we make you stronger!

The Covid-19 pandemic brings inevitably challenges in the force measurement and weighing industry.
Obviously health and well-being comes first, but this also brings opportunities for new projects. 

What does Ingress Protection mean and how does Zemic Europe communicate this?

Ingress Protection (IP) is the degree of protection against the intrusion of dust and water. The degree of protection can be found on the datasheet of every load cell model. All Zemic Europe models are completely protected against dust ingress and are therefore classified as IP6X.

How to interpret deflection of loadcells for overload protection?

Loadcell Deflection

The ability to weigh with a load cell depends primarily on its ability to deflect / bend repeatably when load is applied or removed.

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