Weighing solution harsh "wash down" and hazardous environments BM24R

High precision ring torsion Load Cell BM24R and mounting kit BM-24-401

With an IP grade of 68 the BM24R cell is an excellent solution for accurate weighing in the most  harsh “wash down” and hazardous environments, in the food, chemical and process industries.

  • High precision Ring Torsion loadcell.
  • Mouning kit.
  • IP68.
  • OIML Approved C3 , C4 and C5.
BM24R 10t-13t

Loadcell where regular wash down is required.

The high level of sealing and stainless steel construction of this load cell is ideal for use with the process industry where regular wash down is required to maintain the hygiene standard. 


Mechanical overload protection.

Mechanical overload protection is established by the pre-determined distance between the load introduction ring and the base plate. Ring torsion load cells have a very low deflection, which makes them ideal for high speed weighing.

BM24R in use

BM24R mount.

  • Rocker-pin load introduction.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Built-in horizontal movementcontrol and lift-off protection.
  • Easy load cell (re) placement after mount installation.
  • More mount information, click here.
BM24R 60t tankmount

Tankmount for low profile weighing assembly.

The BM24R Tank-mount together with the BM24R product family up to 13t, provides a low profile weighing assembly.  The low-height of the assembly is essential for example in bulk handling applications, food weighing machines, silo applications and batch weighing . The mount design tolerates controlled movements in all directions, it eliminates the need for check rods unless major load movement is anticipated. The design allows the load cell to be placed or replaced after installation of the mount.