Zemic developed, produces and delivers special force sensors which are applied in the RLT (Rapid Load Testing) for pylons. This installation of the company CapeHolland involves a shaft, an elevator and a deadweight no less than 80 tonnes.

  • Heavy shockload measurement.
  • 7MN Loadcell.
  • RLT of CapeHolland Group
Pylon measurement

Pylon measurement

The dropheight of the pylon is 7 meters. The weight will be supported by hydrolic brakes and measured with 3 Zemic loadcells of 700 tonnes each.

Which means a total capacity of 2.100 tonnes or 2.100.000 kilogram! 

Loadcell Development.

These loadcells are specially produced and designed to protect the high sensitive straingages for heavy shockloads. And are able to sustain the massive force due some inventive thinking how to get the dynamic force into an long enough static measuring force which has a long enough time to get a good reading.

 The RLT of CapeHolland group is being exported around the world. 



Pylon measurement loadcell in use

H2A features:

  • Nickel plated alloy steel IP67 compression load cell
  • High accuracy
  • Suitable for special measuring equipment

h2a loadcell

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About Cape Holland

CAPE Holland was founded in 2002 by a father and son team set on extending the family links within the piling sector, which began in the 19th century. Altough the company started as an international piling equipment trading company, they soon started engineering and constructing special equipment for the piling industry.