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Phenospex uses L6N loadcell in field or greenhouses

Zemic Europe's slogan is "We believe we make you stronger!". We strongly believe that our focus on creating value for our customers will help them to differentiate themselves in their market.

Our collabaration with the company Phenospex is a proven example for this. Research and development teams and engineering expertise work together so that Phenospex and their customers can excel in their market.   

Phenospex believes in the power of asking the right questions instead of providing technology alone. They want to help transform phenotyping into a valuable tool for researchers and breeder.  Exactly on this level is where Zemic Europe creates extra value for Phenospex. 

Zemic & Phenospex

  • Force sensor know-how and engineering expertise
  • Zemic Europe's best quality, service and price ratio
  • Custom made and modified force sensors based on Phenospex experience and know-how of phenotyping
  • Fast deliveries of weighing components
Phenospex Fieldscale

How Zemic could help Phenospex

All our products, from Zemic Europe and also from Phenospex, are designed with the intent to deliver meaningful features and results to customers. This was the basis for Phenospex to develop the fieldscale, a tool to measure steady transpiration of plants in any condition. Zemic needed to think along with Phenospex about the weighing plattform they wanted to build and which loadcell was suitable for it. Phenospex selected the L6N single point loadcell together with Zemic Europe.

Phenospex developed FieldScale as a robust and affordable solution for assessing the transpiration rates of hundreds of plants. Providing genotypes with improved tolerances towards drought has become a major focus in science and breeding programs around the world. Assessing water status has become a basic research method, which is increasingly performed by gravimetric measurements. The power of gravimetric measurements lies in its simplicity and the ability to gain integrated and resilient data over the day. Watermanagement is becoming more and more important nowadays, especialy in areas around the world where water is rare.

In the first complicated project with a large amount of load cells that needed to reach high quality level in varying temperature, close communication was needed with engineers both in Europe and in China to enable deep understanding for Phenospex. Zemic could deliver a load cell that can handle off centered weights and varying temperatures for this Phenospex application. More than 1500 load cells are now installed world wide already due to this unique collaboration.


Modified L6N single point loadcell integrated in Phenospex solution

With the modified L6N loadcell, assembled with a special connector combined with the fast delivery from Zemic Europe, Phenospex is able to act quickly and efficiently according to their customers’ requirements. The L6N single point loadcell has the following characteristics.

Aluminium-alloy IP65 single point load cell.
Colourless anodized.
Suitable for single or double load cell structured platform scales.
Temperature compensated.
Maximum platform size: 350 x 400 mm.

Product Datasheet
OIML Test Certificate
OIML Certificate of Conformity
CE Certificate of Compliance
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More about Phenospex

Phenospex tries to accelerate plant research all over the world with unique products. It is in the DNA of Phenospex to create technologies in order to gain knowledge. Phenospex believes in the power of asking the right questions instead of providing technology alone. They want to help transform phenotyping into a valuable tool for researchers and breeder.

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