Single point load cells and weight transmitters integrated in the Cabin Size Scanner for suitcases

Innovend has started to install the Samsonite Cabin Size Scanner in several stores in city centres and Airports.

The Cabin Size Scanner has been developed by Innovend and helps consumers at Samsonite stores to select the right suitcase that is accepted by the airline as handluggage.

Customer requirements

  • Specific capacity.
  • PC integration.
  • Reliable weight transmitters.
  • High accuracy level
  • OIML approved system
Suitcase Checker KLM Schiphol

It works fast and reliable and really provides assurance to the traveller

After putting your suitcase underneath the scanner, within seconds the screen shows if the dimension and the weight of the suitcase is inline with the guidelines of the airline. “It works fast and reliable and really provides assurance to the traveller”   This is proven by the incredible usage of the CSS at the airport locations, usage logs has proven the CSS is being used 24/7, More locations will be equipped with the CSS in the coming months.





Single point loadcell for weighing your suitcase.

A load cell which is perfect for this kind of suitcase weighing is the Zemic L6T single point loadcell. This load cell is aluminium and is suitable for single and double load cell structured platform scales.

The range of single point load cells within the Zemic assortment is large. When selecting the most suitable single point loadcell you are able to choose from the  kind of material (B for stainless steel, H for alloy steel or L for aluminium), select by recommended platform size or by OIML accuracy class. 

T1 Indicator

Using the Top Sensors T1 to connect the Load Cell to the GUI Application

The T1 transmitter is used to integrate the loadcell with the GUI application.
It can be connected via TCP/IP network, or directly to a serial RS232 or RS485 connection. 

Not only does this device save space, but it also saves time. With the special theoretical calibration feature, you are able to calibrate your application without having heavy weights with you. All you need is the calibration sheet, which is included with all Zemic load cells. With this information you are able to enter the exact output in mV/V at full scale (f.e. 2,004 mV/V), as well as the many features and options, the Top-Sensors T1 is one of THE most user friendly devices in the market. 




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