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Zemic Europe wins Automation Inside Awards 2021

Zemic Europe wins Automation Inside Awards 2021
Business Development Manager

Zemic Europe wins 2 Automation Inside Awards!

The Automation Inside Readers’ Choice Awards is a global voting competition that covers the major innovations and best products in automation technology. 

The winners of the 2021 edition have been announced and Zemic wins the award for:

Best Identification Technology: Zemic Europe object identification system for intelligent bar   

Zemic Europe Object Identification 2021

Integrating Object Identification kits has many advantages such as:

• Check on stock, based on weight of products still available in the cabinet.
• Exact and accurate check out. Ideal for cheese vending machines, meat vending machines, vending machines with electronics, farm vending machines, locker vending machines.
• Intelligent shelf monitoring.
• In and out product detection.
• Stock control.
• Check out based on weight, no loss of products, profit optimization.

Features Object Identification System Shelf Bar:

• Can be integrated in smart fridges, intelligent vending machines.
• Bar load sensing unit to be integrated in retail application.
• Bar load sensing unit available in different capacities: 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg, 50kg.
• Dimension bar load sensing unit: 500x400 mm.
• These units can identify 1 gram weight. This load sensing unit is stable in long-term loading, has a small creep and zero return.

Best Automation company: 

In addition to this award, we also won the third price in the category 'Best Automation Companies'.

We are happy with this result and with the trust of our customers!

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