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Advantages of new Zemic Mounting kits and tips for installation

Advantages of new Zemic Mounting kits and tips for installation
Product Specialist

Zemic Europe has extended the mount portfolio. The new mounts are designed based on the feedback we received from the market. In this blog we will discuss:

• the advantages of the new mounts
• the names of the mounts and the load cells for which they are suitable
• an installation proposal with linkage
• an assembly proposal for new construction projects


Advantages of new Zemic mounts

It appears that 80% of all problems in a weighing system arise in the mechanics. Be it due to tensions caused by piping systems or incorrect installation of mounting units.

Our mounting units have been designed in such a way that incorrect mounting is almost impossible. Even subsequent tensions on the mounting units can be detected immediately by our clear lift-off lock.

These are the main advantages of our mounting units:

1. Mounting unit is shipped as a complete set of modules

The mounting unit is supplied pre-set with dummy load cells and transport plate. The installer only has to screw the unit under the weighed element without making any adjustments.

2. Clear lift-off protection

The lift-off lock has been designed in such a way that even non-experts can immediately recognize when there is a force shunt on the mounting unit. This can be checked when installed, so it has not to be removed (which is often required with other mounts). In this way high production losses can be prevented.

3. Quick installation of the load cells

Due to the built-in load cell dummy, the installer only has to lift the entire system by 1 mm and loosen the two fastening screws of the dummy. The load cells can be mounted as the last step in the process, preventing damage to the load cells caused by welding or cable breakage due to installation work on the system.

4. Delivery height = Production height

These mounting units are delivered in such a way that the overall height always remains the same. In the market, you often see mounts that are 4-5 mm higher due to the integrated lift-off protection in the top plate. This can lead to tensions in the entire system, for example due to tense compensators or piping systems.    

New mounts

The new mounts are available in both galvanized alloy steel and in stainless steel. They are suitable for our shear beams H8C, B8D, BM8H, BM8D, for our compression loadcells BM14C and HM14C and for the largest two capacities of the BM24R Ring torsion load cell.

For more information, datasheets and STEP-files, click on the names of the mounts below.

Suitable for Shear beams:  


HM-8-901 Alloy Steel Mounting Kit for H8C

HM-8-903 Alloy Steel Mounting Kit for BM8H

HM-8-905 Alloy Steel Mounting Kit for BM8D

BM-8-902 Stainless Steel Mounting Kit for B8D

BM-8-904 Stainless Steel Mounting Kit for BM8H

BM-8-906 Stainless Steel Mounting Kit for BM8D

Suitable for Compression types:


HM-14-911 Alloy Steel Tank Mount for HM14C & BM14C

BM-14-910  Stainless Steel Tank Mount for HM14C & BM14C

Suitable for Ring torsion:


BM-24-904 Stainless Steel Tank Mount for BM24R-28t and -60t


Installation proposal with linkage

Linkages or so-called stay-rods are always used when high lateral forces are to be expected. These are particularly the case with:

• Mixers
• Vibration units
• Mills

The arrangement of the linkages can generally be defined as follows:

Installation proposal with 3 mounting units:

Arrangement of the linkage perpendicular to the weighing system


Installation proposal with 4 mounting units:

Arrangement of the linkage two in X-direction and two in Y-direction


Assembly proposal for new construction projects

Weighing systems function more accurately when fewer interferences occur. To achieve the most accurate weighing possible, we recommend the following two variants. These guarantee trouble-free mounting of all components that have an effect on the weighing system.


1. Installation with welding plate

With this variant, a welding plate is screwed to the base plate of the mounting unit, which stands freely movable (until welded) on a larger steel plate cast into the foundation. The welded plate is then welded to the larger steel plate only after all work, such as pipeline construction and welding, has been completed. This guarantees that no lateral forces occur on the weighing system that could negatively impact the accuracy.


2. Installation with base plate for drilling into the foundation

If no steel plate is possible in the foundation, the mounting unit can be screwed onto a larger steel plate. The size of the steel plate should be chosen so that the container feet do not interfere when drilling. All assembly work on the weighing system must first be completed and then the steel plate can be drilled into the foundation without tension.



Here you can find an overview of all Zemic mounts.

In case you have questions, please contact us, we are happy to help you.


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