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  •  1.000+ capteurs de force
    standardisés 20 grammes - 1000t


Capteurs de force pour le transport

Dans le secteur du transport, nous constatons que nos clients jouissent d'une grande expérience dans le domaine du pesage.

La manière la plus courante de peser des camions est en utilisant des ponts-bascules. On retrouve donc des capteurs de force en compression Zemic parmi les accessoires de nombreux ponts-bascules installés à travers toute l'Europe.  

Les solutions de pesage embarquées sont fortement demandées. Les doubles capteurs de force en flexion ou cisaillement ou les capteurs de force embarqués sont fréquemment utilisés sur les véhicules.  
Dans de nombreuses industries, comme l'industrie des déchets et de l'environnement, les véhicules doivent enregistrer leur poids. Dans l'industrie agricole également, les véhicules sont équipés de capteurs de force et du module de montage adéquat.

Le pesage est aussi important dans d'autres véhicules, qui utilisent pour ce faire nos capteurs de force :
• Pesage des avions
• Pesage des voitures de course
• Pesage des camions
• Pesage des hélicoptères
• Pesage des trains

Case Studies

  1. Together with Zemic Europe, VHM-Machinery has found a solution for their most efficient Nº1 BoxFilr machine. 

  2. Team Phidippides and Zemic Europe have worked together to make the most efficient vehicle to attend the Shell Eco marathon 2017 in London, England.

  3. Airplanes Fokker Four Team cannot take off without Zemic Weighpad's!

  4. Forest benefits from shearbeam loadcells 

  5. Zemic developed, produces and delivers special force sensors which are applied in the RLT (Rapid Load Testing) for pylons. This installation of the company CapeHolland involves a shaft, an elevator and a deadweight no less than 80 tonnes.

  6. Precision agriculture is all about performing the right treatment, at the right place and at the right time. 

  7. The H10J load cells provide the payload, tare and overload security measurement for tipping vehicles up to 32 tonnes with information that is essential for safety.

  8. Process industry is using Top-Sensors transmitters to save time and space.

Produits - Transport

We believe we make you stronger!

The Covid-19 pandemic brings inevitably challenges in the force measurement and weighing industry.
Obviously health and well-being comes first, but this also brings opportunities for new projects. 

How to interpret deflection of loadcells for overload protection?

Loadcell Deflection

The ability to weigh with a load cell depends primarily on its ability to deflect / bend repeatably when load is applied or removed.

Trend: Application of force sensors

We see a rapid increase in the use of force sensors, in the most diverse applications. More than 2,000 producers worldwide provide more than 50 million force sensors per year. Zemic is proud to be one of them, we are able to supply top players in various market sectors, such as the process industry, medical industry and consumer electronics (Internet of Things).

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