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Custom made strain gauges

Custom made strain gauges

If our standard products do not meet your requirements, we can also design customised products. This applies to load cells, miniature sensors and strain gauges.

Zemic has a specially equipped sensor department, for the design, sampling and production of your custom made strain gauges and force sensors. Daily 280 engineers are working on special custom made force sensor and strain gauge solutions.

We like to think along with you for the best solution. We have the production facility to accommodate small batches of sample pieces or to mass produce millions of sensors.


We can modify and customize the following strain gauge features:

- Length of the backing
- Width of the backing
- Resistance
- STC code
- Wiring
- Material

Example of custom made strain gauge:

We have a lot of experience in designing customised products. We have already done this for customers in various sectors. We have written a case study about some of these projects. One of these is a project for Project March.

They have developed an exoskeleton, a motoric harness which enables people with a Spinal Cord Injury to stand up and walk again. During the development Zemic strain gauges are used to measure forces.

You can read more about it here.

At Zemic we also offer state-of-the-art strain gauges specifically designed for electric bikes. Our strain gauges are revolutionizing the way electric bikes perform, ensuring a great riding experience. We have designed custom strain gauges for several e-bike manufacturers. 

Do you need a customised force measurement or weighing solution?

We are happy to help you find the right solution. Please contact us:                                        

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