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Precision Agriculture with Zemic loadcells

Precision agriculture is all about performing the right treatment, at the right place and at the right time. 

Precision agriculture is all about performing the right treatment, at the right place and at the right time. Precision agriculture can be performed throughout the whole crop cycle: varying planting distance to local conditions during planting, site specific fertilizer application, site specific crop protection, and so on. To be able to understand the local conditions in the field and for evaluating site specific management actions it is important to know the crop yield in every part of the field. (www.probotiq.com)

  • Precision Agriculture by Probotiq.
  • Low profile force sensors.
  • High accuracy.
  • OIML Approved shearbeam model.
Yield Monitor

Low profile B8Q loadcells measure mass flow of potatoes

On the machine, underneath the conveyer belt leading to the storage bunker, Zemic B8Q load cells were installed that measure the mass flow of potatoes on the machine. This data is combined with belt speed, driving speed and GPS information to create accurate site specific yield maps. The software automatically accounts for product time in the machine itself (28 seconds between lifting and weighing the potatoes for the AVR machine). This ensures that the dots are drawn at the right spot.




B8Q low profile load cell.

The B8Q low profile load cell (f. e. 500kg: height only 19.1mm!) is suitable for weighing applications where space is limited. 
Also weighing assembly is available. 

b8q low profile loadcell

About Probotiq

PROBOTIQ is an innovative company that focuses on the development of intelligent control systems for agriculture and landscaping. With a no-nonsense mentality and a firm background in the agricultural industry and research & development PROBOTIQ provides cost-effective and intelligent and robust systems. Systems can be very complex on the inside but, with the end-user in mind, should be easy to operate. Keep it simple.


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