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New smart vending solution “Food Zuply” introduced with award winning Object Identification System

This week Innovend introduced the smart catering solution ‘Food Zuply’ at the Horecava, the trade fair for and by professionals in the food service sector.

Zuply makes life easier. Healthy meals at work any time of the day. The basic machines of Zuply, which are the LockBlox (locker) and Flex (dispenser) can be connected in various ways.

Innovend has designed and produced this product. The new feature in this Smart Catering Solution is the functionality to dispense multiple items from one box. They decided to install the award winning Object Identification System from Zemic Europe, which is able to measure by weighing the actual stock in each locker. Loadcells are installed under the boxes to weigh the content. This load cell solution is specially developed for the smart vending industry.

Innovend lockbox

The case study about Food Zuply will be published soon. If there are any questions about this blog, please feel free to contact us.

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Object Identification Systems used in smart vending industry.


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