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Force sensors and load cells for agricultural industry

Weighing and measuring forces and agriculture are connected with each other.

Whether you want to know the profit per m2, what you sow or how you fertilize the land, what you store in your stable, how much an animal consumes and so on; the solution is always weighing. Therefore it is essential to choose the correct partner for your weighing sensors.

We can supply custom made load cells, using our experience with sensors and the customers’ experience within the agricultural sector.

Zemic is your partner, we believe we make you stronger!


case studies

FPGA company ha desarrollado una colmena innovadora llamada HiveWatch. Zemic Europe ha desarrollado y suministrado a esta empresa una versión personalizada de una célula de carga monoplato para su sistema de pesaje de colmenas.

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Omnidea utiliza células de carga Zemic H3G de tipo S, accesorios de montaje y transmisores en su proyecto H.A.W.E. (Energía eólica de alta altitud). 

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Together with Zemic Europe, Van Hees Machinery has found a solution for their most efficient Nº1 BoxFilr machine. 

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Zemic Europe developed and supplied Phenospex with a customized version of the L6N loadcell for drought research and breeding. Phenospex developed a gravimetric platform  to monitor transpiration in field or greenhouses.

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The H10J load cells provide the payload, tare and overload security measurement for tipping vehicles up to 32 tonnes with information that is essential for safety.

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Process industry is using Top-Sensors transmitters to save time and space.

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Precision agriculture is all about performing the right treatment, at the right place and at the right time. 

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