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 130.000m² producción con mejor
relación calidad/servicio/precio
 40.000+ sensores en stock para
envío inmediato en Europa
 225+ ingenieros en el desarrollo
de sensores personalizados
 1.000+ sensores de fuerza
20 gramos – 1000t


loadpins applications

Loadpins are force sensors which are being installed in applications for measuring dynamic, static or hoisting forces. Eg. the use of loadpins for the overload protection of cranes, creating load measuring systems, building load limitation systems and to optimize the service life of hoists. Nowadays these force sensors are also used for measuring and weighing sea containers because of the SOLAS regulation

In the market of force sensors, loadpins are also known as force measuring bolts, force measuring studs, axis cells or force sensing bolts. Loadpins are designed for high to very high loads. Because of the differences and variety between applications, these kind of loadcells forced us to adapt a different marketing approach. Often we experience customer specific requirements to a loadpin, concerning load pin dimensions, IP grades, integrated transmitters, specific cable exits, redundant solutions etc. For this reason we have designed a special webpage so you can let us know what your specifications are :

Design your loadpin

If you have specific questions or you want us to design your loadpin, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please send an e-mail to info@zemic.nl, call us +31 76 503 94 80 or fill in below contact information and we will contact you.


Contact Information

Zemic Europe B.V.
Leerlooierstraat 8
4871 EN Etten-Leur
The Netherlands

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