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Onboard loadcells meet the challenging onboard demands

When Red Forge Ltd, the leading on-vehicle weighing specialist looked to develop its Omniweigh™ payload weighing system for heavy goods vehicles including tippers, flatbeds and refuse collection trucks, they worked with Variohm EuroSensor for the design and supply of rugged and durable load cells to match the demands of this challenging application.
The H10J series load cells provide the payload, tare and overload security measurement for tipping vehicles up to 32 tonnes with information that is essential for safety - and all components used for the Omniweigh weighing system must comply with rigorous standards and provide high reliability and totally dependable accuracy.

  • Onboard weighing H10J
  • UK Distributor: Variohm Eurosensors
  • Overload security.
  • Totally depandable accuracy.
onboard loadcell H10J

Custom made on-vehicle loadcell.

Variohm EuroSensor was able to call upon its close relationship with Zemic Europe, designer and manufacturer, to develop and supply a customised version of its H10J series force transducer to match the Red Forge specification within competitive pricing and keen delivery times. Variohm had direct access to ZEMIC’s engineering department where over 225 design engineers are on hand and ready to provide customised modifications or completely new designs.

The stringent approvals procedure between Red Forge and Variohm included the supply of several prototype units used for field trials and life testing. The load cell mounting position is unavoidably exposed to the high levels of shock and vibration that these working vehicles endure on a regular basis. To ensure complete reliability, the H10J load cell is IP67 rated and housed in an alloy steel, nickel plated, bending beam design with adhesive sealing for best stability. 



Increased overload capacitiy.

Customisation from the standard design includes an increased overload capability to 200% and a modified temperature compensation over -20ºC to +40 ºC to ensure that cold early mornings or changes in weather conditions have minimal effect on the weight readings. The range also conforms to RoHs standards.








onboard weighing solution

Award winnning H10J loadcelll

Over 30.000pcs of our H10J load cells are exposed daily to one of the most harsh environments, being on board a truck. The H10J loadcell won in 2014 and 2015 the award for best onboard weighing system.

best onboard weighing solution 2014 best onboard weighing solution 2015


Features H10J

The robust H10J load cell is IP67 rated and housed in an alloy steel, nickel plated, bending beam design with a special adhesive sealing for onboard applications.

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