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High-quality machines with weighing feature for the agricultural industry.

VHM-Machinery found Zemic Europe to be their partner when re-designing their innovative Nº1 BoxFilr.  Zemic Europe and VHM-Machinery are both professional companies who work together to expand the technical options. Due to the multi-disciplinary network of VHM-Machinery, they are able to provide turnkey delivery for each project.

Together we managed to find the most suitable products to enable their multipurpose machine to have the added feature of weighing. VHM-Machinery has great expertise in the agricultural market and has visited different renowned exhibitions with their new multipurpose machine.

VHM-Machinery designs and builds smart, high-quality machines for the industrial agriculture and manufacturing industry.

Zemic Europe and VHM-Machinery

  • Expertise and experience in agriculture
  • High end - and innovative solution
  • Products that are easy to use
  • Price reducing solution

How VHM-Machinery implemented the BM8H with the Top-Sensors T1 in their BOXFILR.

The BM8H load cells are placed under the bunker and then the Top-Sensors T1 transmitter is connected, the combination of these products make the BOXFILR a very accurate weighing machine for the agricultural market.





About the BM8H load cell.

With our BM8H load cell VHM-Machinery has a shear beam:

- Made of stainless steel and hermetically sealed.
- Suitable for hopper, platform and pallet scales.
- With an IP value of 68.

Product Datasheet BM8H
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More information about the BOXFILR application

With a relatively low filling height of 2.6 metres and a wide filling conveyor of 1.3 metres you can fill the crate in layers with speeds of 55 to 100 crates per hour. In combination with different feeding systems, the machine is suitable for various products such as potatoes, onions, onion plants, carrots etc.

The BOXFILR consists of different modules that all can work on their own or work in combinations. These combinations can be determined by the customer.  The different modules are a lift, (double) bunker filler, rotator, tilting module and an even flow.  You can find all configurations here.


More about VHM-Machinery

VHM-Machinery designs and builds smart, high-quality machines for the industrial agriculture and manufacturing industry. VHM-Machinery produces machines fine-tuned to specific needs and circumstances. Whether it concerns new or existing machines, the experience, mechanical know-how and creativity ensure you get a high-quality, customised solution. VHM-Machinery’s services can also be engaged for structural drawings as well as construction, welding and repair work. They work jointly with other companies, like Zemic Europe, in the field of specialised manufacturing. 

For more information visit  VHM-Machinery

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