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Fokker Four Team cannot take off without Zemic Weighpad's!

Fokker Four Team cannot take off without Zemic Weighpad's!

One of the first activities after the second world war of the aircraft builder Fokker was to develop light instructor planes for the training of pilots. Four of the Fokker S11 planes are still flying on national and international air shows. 
During these air shows the Fokker 4 fly in formation with aerobatic figures. 

Customer requirements

  • Portable weigh pads
  • Determine centre of gravity.
  • Reliability.
fokker weighing

Centre of gravity determined

The empty weight  of the plane is 800kg. The max weight  is 1100kg So only 300kg are available for fuel (2x70l)  and the weight of max 2 pilots.  Due to the limited capacity remaining  the actual weighing of the plane is critical. The planes are being weighed every year and every 4 years there is an official weighing required where the centre of gravity is being calculated.




3 Weighpads used for Fokker 4 team.

The weighing takes place with 3 Weighpads of 650kg each.  The individual pads are connected to an indicator case where the individual weights are printed and cumulated. Without this official weighing  the Fokker 4 team cannot take off!



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