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What are strain gauges and what types of strain gauges exist? 

Strain gages are usually installed on a surface whether it is for stress analysis or sensor production. A strain gauge indicates the strain of material or structure at the point where it is installed. When a material deflects the strain gauge will vary its resistance. This change can be used to determine force, weight, pressure, tension, compression, torsion and torque.  
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In our program you will find linear strain gauges, double linear strain gages, shear strain gages, double shear straingages, column straingages, 90° Rosette gages, 45° Rosette gages, half bridge strain gages, full bridge strain gages and membrane Rosette gages.

What kind of strain gauges exist?

Zemic, a leading manufacturer and designer of strain gauges and force sensors, offers a full range of strain gauges. Different kind of strain gauges are available such as:

Linear strain gauges  lineair straingauge   Membrane Rosette strain gauges Membrane Rosette strain gauges
Double linear strain gauges double linear straingauge        Full bridge strain gauges Full bridge strain gauges 
Shear strain gauges shear straingauge    Half bridge strian gauges Half bridge strian gauge  
Columnar strain gauges columnar strain gauge   45°-Rosette, 3 weighing directions 45°-Rosette, 3 weighing directions
90°-Rosette, 2 weighing directions 90°-Rosette, 2 weighing directions      

With professional and reliable technology Zemic is able to produce an annual output of over 50 million stable, reliable and first-class quality strain gauges. Zemic offers more than a dozen series and over 1000 different specifications.



Strain gauge characteristics

At Zemic we have our strain gauge designation system. You can choose the: Strain gauge designed

- Grid Material; Constantan foil, Karma foil or special purpose foil.
- Type of backing material; Modified phenolic, Polyimide, Phenolic-Acetal, Special PEEK film, etc.
- Nominal Resistance; vary from 60 Ohm till 4000 Ohm
- Length of the sensitivity grid in mm
- Self temperature or self elastic modulus compensation code.

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Product Review:

  "We are continuously developing our exoskeleton. Our knowledge of the application combined with your knowledge of strain gauges and experience in the field of force measurement, resulted in an optimized custom made strain gauge. Very happy with the pro active support, service and quick delivery!"



About Zemic

We strongly believe that our focus on creating value for our customers will help them to differentiate themselves in their market. As a leading manufacturer and designer of loadcells, straingages and force sensors the best quality /price ratio is not the only reason why customers choose for Zemic Europe. The choice is often based on their success in the market and with this the basis for a long term relationship.

Zemic Europe is your partner for force sensors and we warmly invite you to our head office in The Netherlands!


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