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Consumer Electronics

Zemic Europe delivers a wide range of custom made force sensors and strain gauges to the consumer electronics industry.

The consumer electronics industry is a sector with a high innovation level. Innovations often involve the use of force measurement to add a new function. We see a lot of products which were upgraded or newly developed with a weighing option or force measurement tool.

We are proud to be a partner for many consumer electronics companies. Our experts like to think along with you about how forces can be measured in any application. We offer a wide range of miniature force sensors and strain gauges suitable for consumer electronic appliances. With our large R&D department we are also able to develop a customized force sensor or strain gauge. We can build the prototype series and also produce on a large scale.

Due to the demand for ultra-thin, small size and light weight strain gauges, we have developed strain gauges only weighing 0.008 gram. Their thickness is only 0.045mm!


At Zemic Europe we divide the consumer electronics market into the following 4 main segments:

1. Personal Computers

Pressure measurement is often used in this segment. This is done by integrating strain gauges or miniature sensors. Two examples in this segment are smart pencils and touch pads.

2. Personal care devices

A lot of innovation is taking place in this industry. The use of strain gauges or miniature sensors often ensures greater ease of use. Think of smart toothbrushes or smart shavers.

3. Leisure and entertainment

In this branch we see often new functionality being added to existing consumer applications, for example the E-bike. Entirely new applications are also being created, such as smart glasses.

4. Home appliances or home electronics

By adding force measurement to electronics home appliances, traditional applications give a new outstanding consumer experience. An example of this is a smart washing machine, which even saves on water consumption and electricity.


Further on this page you can click through to the most suitable/used products for each of the 4 consumer electronic segments mentioned.


If you have any questions about your consumer electronics products and force measurement, please feel free to contact us. 



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Zemic Europe will be exhibiting at the following international exhibitions in 2023:

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