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Elevator & Lifting

Elevators and lifting industry, force and overload detection

The engineering teams at Zemic worked together with key elevator manufacturers & manufacturers of material lifting devices to develop new and innovative solutions for overload detection. The manufacturers indicated that overload is a main feature, however it would be more optimized when this could be combined with topics such as energy saving motor management and child protection. This is why wide range of force sensors and electronics has been added to our portfolio. 

Available elevator weighing kits

airport lift elevator     

From now on complete elevator weighing kits are available in 3 versions. Zemic offers the elevator weighing kit cabin, under springs and into springs

With its unique features elevator manufacturers are able to detect overload situation, adjust engine power, detect childs (weight under 15kg) and save time by using the 90% load relay. Weigh under the cabin, on the ropes or in the balancer suspension.


Case Studies

  1. Vebo Liftsupport B.V. is specialised in elevator instal-lations since 1999. For the renovation of the elevators in the Euromast they used elevator weighing kits from Zemic. The Euromast is the highest tower in the Netherlands that is open to the public.

  2. WEP-Weisshaupt is a powerful engineering company that manufactures various equipment, including material lift systems. With the components of Zemic WEP-Weisshaupt has produced a material lift with integrated overload detection system.

  3. The engineering teams at Zemic have worked together to make the most efficient and cost effective solution for overload detection systems for elevators and lifting systems.

  4. As a designer and manufacturer of millions of straingages Zemic has developed itself as a specialist of custom made miniature sensors.

Products - Elevator & Lifting

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Announcement of two new products

The Zemic Europe portfolio has been expanded with two new products, the Top-Sensors Remote Display RD1 and the BM-24-904 mount.

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