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What are miniature force sensors? 

Miniature load cells and miniature force sensors are compact of size and usually use semiconductor strain gauges as the sensing element. They are available in many different configurations for both tension and compression force directions. As a designer and manufacturer of millions of straingages and miniature sensors Zemic has developed itself as a specialist of custom made miniature sensors. Zemic offers miniature sensors from 20 grams up to 150 kg each and they can be found in many weigh applications, like e-bikes and medical incubators. 


Miniature load cells are mostly used in compact and portable applications. 

The use of these sensors requires less space and the sensors give high accuracy

For example:
- Pharmaceutical scales
- Portable luggage scales
- Testing applications

As manufacturer Zemic Europe has the ability to produce special custom made sensors that fit perfectly in the customers application.



Miniature force sensors characteristics

Zemic miniature force sensors offer good performance with high outputs and high overload capability for protection.

- Capacities: 20 gram – 150 kg
- Combined error upto 0.02% (FS)
- 21 families of sensors.

We offer various kinds of miniature sensors. Most of the miniature sensors are made of aluminium. Miniature sensors are often seen in kitchen scales, postal scales, personal scales and internet of things solutions. Also miniature sensors are often integrated in specific applications where space is limited and a high accuracy is asked for.
Due to the limited space in a machine or the special mounting requirements it is a continuous challenge to develop a tailor-made fit for our customers. Zemic has a specially equipped miniature sensor department, for the design, sampling and production of your custom made miniature sensor. We have the production facility to accommodate small batches of sample pieces or to mass produce millions of miniature sensors.

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Product Review:

  "We are contiously developing our application. Our knowledge of the application combined with your knowledge of miniature force sensors and experience in the field of force measurement, resulted in an optimized custom made sensor. Verry happy with the pro active support, service and quick delivery!"



About Zemic

We strongly believe that our focus on creating value for our customers will help them to differentiate themselves in their market. As a leading manufacturer and designer of loadcells, straingages and force sensors the best quality /price ratio is not the only reason why customers choose for Zemic Europe. The choice is often based on their success in the market and with this the basis for a long term relationship.

Zemic Europe is your partner for force sensors and we warmly invite you to our head office in The Netherlands!


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