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Load cells and force sensors

On this page you will find a lot of information about load cells. If you have any questions, we at Zemic Europe will be happy to help. Please feel free to contact us.

The heart of any weighing or measuring system is the load cell. A load cell is an electrical instrument which is used to convert a mechanical force into an electrical output signal. You will need load cells and force sensors in basically any application where forces or weights need to be measured or monitored.

In the weighing industry various kinds of loadcells can be used for the detection of Grams, Kilograms, Tons, Pounds, Ounces, Newton, Kilonewton etc. 

What are load cells and force sensors?

Load cells are highly accurate trans­ducers. Load cells are designed to sense force or weight under a wide range of condi­tions. They are not only the most essen­tial part of an elec­tronic weighing system, but also the most vulnerable.

In order to get the most bene­fit from the load cell, the user must have a thor­ough understanding of the technology, con­struction and oper­ation of this unique device. In addition, it is important to select the cor­rect load cell for the appli­cation. We are ready to help you with all questions concerning force measurement. The general terminology for load cells can be found in the OIML R60 regulation for load cells.

How does a load cell work?

All load cells we offer at Zemic Europe, are based on the strain gauge principle. We focus on strain gauge load cells with analogue and digital output signals. Zemic glues strain gauges on force sensor elements. The strain gauges are located on the weakest part of the element. By putting force on the element, it will deflect on this exact spot. By the deflection of the element the strain gauge will be stretched or compressed.

The ability to weigh with a load cell depends primarily on its ability to deflect / bend repeatably when load is applied or removed.

Knowing this, it can be very useful to install mechanical overload stops in an application. In our blog “how to interpret deflection of load cells for overload protection” you can see two examples. One mechanical stop is installed below our BM11 bending beam. In the second picture you will see a rather simple solution of installing a screw under our BM8D shear beam load cell.

What kind of load cells are available?

Zemicis a leading manufacturer and designer of loadcells. We offer a full range of loadcells. We have the following types of load cells available:

 Single Point load cells;  used in small to medium platform scales with platform sizes of 200x200mm up to 1200x1200 mm.    
 Planar Beam load cells;  used in low profile solutions where space is limited, like medical scales and retail scales.
 Bending Beam load cells;  used in pallet, platform and small hopper scales.
 Shear Beam load cells;  used in low profile scale and process applications, available in capacities from 100kg up to 50t!
 Dual Shear Beam load cells;       used in truck scales, tank and hopper applications.
 S-type load cells;   used in tension applications where you will find static and dynamic loads.
 Compression load cells;  used in truck scales, large platform scales, weighbridges and hopper scales.
 Ring Torsion load cells;  used in high accuracy hoppers, silo's, platforms and pallet scales. 
 Spoke Type load cells;  used in low profile, high precision application. High forces varying from 1t-500t.
 Onboard load cells;  used for onboard weighing systems on trucks, tractors and other vehicles.
 Loadpins;  used in applications for measuring dynamic, static or hoisting forces.
 Weighpads;  portable weighpads for the weighing of cars and the measure the center of gravity of planes.
 Specials;  all kind of special sensors.

Loadcell features

The types of load cells are available with different kinds of specifications and features: BM8H 

- Material; Alloy Steel, Aluminium or Stainless Steel sensors.
- Loadcell capacity; 20 grams up to 1000 tons
- Loadcell accuracy; C3, C4, C5, C6
- Approvals; OIML, NTEP, Gost, FM, ATEX
- Ingress protection; IP64, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69K

 You can find all our load cells here.

How to install load cells?

Once the correct load cell has been selected, it is very important to install the load cell correctly in your application.
By doing this, the maximum accuracy and working life of the load cell can be achieved.

Zemic Europe offers accessories for most of the different load cells. We advise to use these accessories for a proper installation of the load cell.
Please read our blog here: How to install load cells? 

Besides choosing the right accessories, it is also important to make a proper load cell calibration.

Want to read more about load cells? Download our whitepaper: Download whitepaper

Examples of applications with load cells

As indicated above, the applications of load cells and force sensors are numerous.
On our website we publish new case studies on a regular basis. Would you like to know more about load cells or force sensors in: 

- Patient monitoring
- Smart shopping trolleys
- Supermarket shelves
- Overload protection in elevators and material lifting
- Silo management 
- Autonomous mobile robots 
- Egg weighing machines
- Real time stock management 
- Beehive monitoring 
- Wind energy
- Electrical bikes
- Field or greenhouses
- Shock load measurement
- Precision agriculture
- Trucks with onboard weighing

You will read this in our case studies by clicking on the applicable link.

Please find here our full overview of available case studies.

About Zemic Europe

In a fast growing industry, which is highly innovative, we are experiencing an increasing demand for force and weight measurement sensors. As a manufacturer and designer of loadcells and force sensors our expertise is highly appreciated in the industry. Zemic has strong partnerships with renowned weighing companies.

We strongly believe that our focus on creating value for our customers will help them to differentiate themselves in their market. Our good quality /price ratio is not the only reason why customers choose for Zemic Europe. Their choice is also based on our:

- customer service

- fast delivery times

- wide program of sensors

- the ability to design custom made sensors

All these factors contribute to creating a long term successful relationship.

Zemic Europe is your partner for force measurement. You can find all our load cells here.

In case you have any questions, we invite you to  Contact us




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