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Retail weighing kits

Retail weighing kits

Advanced technology that will change the way you shop

Stores are working with “beacons”. Beacons are small devices which have the ability to send continiuous radio signals to mobile devices. The signals can be detected by smartphones.

The server can push targeted content to the device and through Bluetooth, the low energy connection, the device location of the consumer can be located on micro levels. This technology, and/or WIFI, combined with the Object Identification System from Zemic, enable retailers to build stores without checkouts.

Shopping will be super-efficient!

Zemic offers an intelligent program of sensors so that retailers can integrate an Object Identification System into the shelves for smart shopping.

Retail weighing - accurate shelf measurement - shelf monitoring

The system is able to identify the weight information and weight change information of a single commodity in the cabinet, with the minimum recognition accuracy of 5 grams.

retail loadsensing unit bar                                                retail loadsensing shelf cross

Dimension: 500x400 mm
Accuracy : ≤±0.02%FS
Max weight: 30kg
Recommended range: 10g-30kg


Dimensions: 400x144
Max weight:30kg
Recommended range:10g-30kg

Product information


Product information

These units can identify 1 gram weight. The load sensing units are stable in long-term loading and have a small creep and zero return. The load life is at least 1 million time counts, this system has a high reliability and is easy for maintance. The load sensing units are also easily replaced.  

Zemic intelligent shelves       
Zemic intelligent minimart        

Zemic Minimart Key features:
Power input: 220 VAC
Internet / communication: 4G/Blue tooth + WIFI Module
Respond time: ≤500ms
Recommended working temperature: 0℃ ~ +40℃
Operation system: Android


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intelligent shelf


shelfcrosses 3x4


Key features:
Recommended Max. weight 10kg - 20kg
Minimum single object weight 25gram - 50 gram
Power input: 220 VAC
Output interface: Net mouth TCP/IP
Respond time: ≤500ms
Recommended working temperature: 0℃ ~ +40℃


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What does the Zemic Object Identification System do for the Retail industry?

It can actively read the real-time weight of the current shelf.
It can actively upload the weight change during the shopping process to the user interface.

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retail shelf weighing load sensing units