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Miniature load cells

Miniature force sensors and load cells

Miniature load cells and miniature force sensors are compact in size. They are mostly used in compact and portable applications. Apart from the fact that they require little space, another advantage is that they measure very accurately.

Zemic has been designing and manufacturing strain gauges and miniature sensors for over 30 years. As a result, we have developed into a specialist in customized miniature load cells.

On this page you will find our range of miniature sensors.

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Range of miniature load cells 

We offer various kinds of miniature sensors. They usually use semiconductor strain gauges as the sensing element. These sensors are available in many different configurations for both tension and compression force directions. We define the types according to their following characteristics.

Most of the miniature sensors are made of aluminium. We also have stainless steel versions in our assortment.

We offer these sensors in various capacities; from 20 grams up to 150 kg each. On the datasheet we have available for each sensor, you will find all technical specifications, like the safe - and ultimate overload.

Zemic offers miniature load cells with a high repeatability and a combined error up to 0.02% of the full scale output. They ensure reliable detection. The full scale output can be found on each product datasheet.

Ingress Protection value
Ingress Protection (IP) is the degree of protection against the intrusion of dust and water. Our miniature sensors are available in different IP-values. For example our 1B-S aluminium bending miniature sensor has an IP rating of IP65.

Examples of applications with miniature load cells for weight detection

Miniature sensors are often integrated into specific applications where space is limited and high accuracy is required.

Our miniature load cells are used for measuring force or weight in many industries from medical to consumer electronics and from process to retail.

You can find them, for example, in the following applications: medical incubators, e-bikes, kitchen scales, coffee machines, personal scales and internet of things solutions. But also in an innovation that is perhaps less well known; an automatic pet feeding machine. The feeding can be monitored by a mobile app / software.

Miniature load cells are also used for predictive maintenance. In these cases anomalies in processes are detected and ensure that maintenance can be done just in time, to avoid downtime.

Select the best fitting miniature sensor

Zemic offers a wide range of sensors and our experts can advise you on which type is most suitable for your application.

On this page you can also select the best fitting load cell(s) by using the filter options on the left side of the screen.

If a standard product does not meet your needs, our sales engineers at Zemic Europe can discuss the requirements of your application with you and develop a custom solution.

Why miniature load cells from Zemic Europe?

Zemic miniature load cells offer good performance with high outputs and high overload capability for protection. We have the production facility to enable small batches of samples or mass production of millions of miniature sensors.

We have a large stock in Europe, so we can deliver quickly.

Zemic has a specially equipped miniature sensor department, for the design, sampling and production of your custom made miniature sensor. Due to special mounting requirements or limited space in a machine or device, it is often a challenge to develop a custom fit for our customers. Our engineers have a lot of experience with this.

For all your questions concerning miniature load cells, please:

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Product Review:

"We are continuously developing our application. Our knowledge of the application combined with your knowledge of miniature force sensors and experience in the field of force measurement, resulted in an optimized custom made sensor. Very happy with the proactive support, service and quick delivery!"

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