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Single Point Load Cells

Single point loadcells

Single Point Load Cells can be used for a variety of weighing functions but their most common application is found in most small to medium sized platform scales. Zemic Europe defines maximum plattform sizes from 200x200 mm up to 1200x1200 mm. The maximum platform size is of course restricted according to the capacity of the loadcell - available from 300 grams up to 2000kg. This arrangement provides an economical and straight forward system for most small to medium sized platform scales.

Single point load cells accept off-centre loads

Single points are also commonly known as "Platform Load Cells". Single Point Loadcells probably account for the largest percentage of all loadcells world wide. What makes single point loadcells unique is the ability to accept "off-centre" loads. Each single point Zemic delivers has it's own calibration certificate. They can support a weighing platform that is bolted directly to them and will accurately measure weight placed at any point on this platform. 

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