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Shear Beam

Shear Beam Load Cells

Zemic Europe manufactures different types of load cells. On this page you will find our range of shear beam load cells.

The (single ended) shear beam is designed for low profile scales and industrial applications in the process industry. Shear beam load cells are available in low capacities starting from 100kg. Also high capacities are available up to 50t. 

One end of the shear beam contains the mounting holes whilst the opposite end is where the cell is loaded. The load cell should be mounted on a flat smooth surface with high strength hardened bolts. 

The larger shear beam cells have more than two mounting holes to accommodate extra bolts, to keep the hardware from stretching under stress load.

We have model specific accessories available: weighing accessories and transmitters.
You can find them here: shearbeam loadcell assembly

Our team of experts is prepared to provide you with additional information and assist you in making a decision.
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Shear beam load cells features

We offer 9 different types of shear beam load cells which are distinguished by the following characteristics:

•    Capacity: our shear beams have different capacities; ranging from 100kg up to 50t. 
•    Material: Stainless steel and alloy steel material. Stainless steel versions are suitable for use in harsh environments.
•    Degree of Ingress Protection: all of our shear beam load cells are minimally IP67-rated. Our BM8D, BM8G, BM8H and HM8 are hermetically sealed and have an IP68 rate. Read here more about Ingress Protection.
•    Accuracy: minimal C3, but we also offer models with C4, C5 or C6 classification.
•    Approvals: shear beam load cells from Zemic Europe have different kind of certifications available. On each individual datasheet you will find the kind of certification which is applicable to the load cell type. Load cells can have for example the following approvals:
•    OIML 
•    NTEP 
•    ATEX (optional)
•    UKCA  etc. 

The working principle of shear beam load cells 

Shear beam load cells have become increasingly popular for all types of medium and high capacity weighing applications such as conveyor scales, silos, large platform scales and other industrial applications in the weighing industry. 
Shear as a measuring principle offers an overall low profile for a given capacity, good resistance against side loads and a relatively small sensitivity to the point of loading. 

The working principle is as follows. At section A-A of the beam, a recess has been machined in each side, leaving a relatively thin web in the centre. As in a structural I-beam, most of the shear force imposed by the load is carried by the web, while the bending moment is resisted primarily by the flanges. At the neutral axis, where the bending stress is neglectable, the state of stress on the web is one of pure shear, acting in the vertical and horizontal directions. As a result, the principle axis are at 45° to the longitudinal axis of the beam and the corresponding principal strains are of equal magnitude. Pairs of strain gauges are installed on both sides of the web and connected in a full-bridge circuit for load measurement. Although it is more difficult to install the strain gauges in some form of recess, they can readily be sealed and protected against environmental effects. 

Shear beam load cell installation

When it comes to selecting and installing the right shear beam load cell for your application, accuracy and longevity are key. At Zemic Europe, we offer a wide range of load cells to suit any application, whether it's indoors or outdoors. Our load cells come in both stainless steel and alloy steel options, and can be hermetically sealed (IP68) for a high ingress protection.

Selecting the right load cell is only the first step. To achieve maximum accuracy and lifespan, it's important to choose the right shear beam load cell mounting set and accessories to install them correctly. That is why we offer a variety of accessories, including elastomers, feet and mounts, to ensure the load cell is properly supported and protected from shock loads, vibrations, and side forces.

Our elastomers, for example, combine the stiffness of metal with the vibration absorption capabilities of rubber, providing a high level of shock absorption and side force resistance. Our feet are perfect for applications where a load cell is resting on the ground or another fixed surface. Our mounts offer optimal load introduction for the most accurate results, even in the harshest environments. Mounts can be equipped with side force protection rods, integrated lift off protection and they are easy to install with a top and bottom plate.

On each load cell datasheet you can find the proper accessories available for that specific load cell model. You can find the datasheet at each product page on our website. Also below the product information on our webpage you can find the most used related products. When you have specific demands, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whatever your application, our accessories are designed to provide quick and easy installation, while ensuring maximum accuracy and lifespan for your load cell. So whether you're weighing platforms, silos or vessel tanks, Zemic Europe has the right accessories to meet your needs.

Typical applications for shear beam load cells

Some typical application examples are:
•    Floor scales
•    Hopper scales
•    Industrial weighing devices; see for example our case study we wrote together with SKAKO. They use our H8C for vibratory equipment.
•    Autonomous robots; see for example our case study we have published together with I-Follow; about the integration of our H8Q load cell in their Autonomous Mobile Robots.
•    Silos; in this case study you can read how our H8C force sensors are installed under silos at ‘De Ijsselmolen’. 
•    Bunkers; See how VHM-Machinery developed an all-round machine for agriculture with Zemic Products. Our BM8H load cells are placed under the bunker and then the Top-Sensors T1 transmitter is connected. The combination of these products make the BOXFILR a very accurate weighing machine for the agricultural market. 

Customization of shear beam load cells

When you are looking for a customized solution, please contact us. We receive many inquiries to produce load cells with shorter or longer cable lengths, to add connectors, to add signal convertors/ transmitters etc. Our load cell experts are ready to assist you and tell you all about the different possibilities.

Besides our extended range of shear beam load cells we also have a wide range of other types of load cells, like single point load cells or S-type load cells available. 

If you need any assistance on selecting a shear beam load cell for your application, our weighing experts are ready to help you. Contact us

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