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S-Type Load Cells

What are tension and compression S-Type load cells?

S-type load cells are force sensors named after the S shape of the element. The deflection is in two ways; in tension and in compression. By applying load to the S-types, the load cells will be pushed or pulled. So they are suited for both tension and compression applications.

On this page you will find our range of S-Type load cells.

We also deliver mounting accessories for S-Type load cells such as hooks, eyes and rods.

Our experts are ready to give you more information and help you make a choice.

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Range of Different S-Type load cells

We see in the market that S-type load cells are also called Z or S type load sensors. Another common naming is tension and compression load cells. We prefer to name this range of sensors S-Type load cells. Within this range, we define different kinds of S-type load cells by their characteristics.

Material; alloy steel and stainless steel
We offer S load cells in two different kinds of materials; alloy steel and stainless steel. Alloy steel S type load cells will be advised for use inside, in dry environments. When there is no risk that chemicals or fluid will cause corrosion to the load cells, you can use this material. If you need to weigh outside, we advise to use our stainless steel versions.

Threaded endings
The S-type load cells are suited with threaded endings. Each capacity has its own thread. On the datasheet of the product you can find the exact specification and dimensions of these holes. You will need this specification when selecting the correct S-type mounting assembly. We also mention a recommended torque which should be applied on the fixation bolts.

We offer a complete programme of capacities. The smallest S-type loadcell has an e-max of 25kg. The largest capacity S-type has an e-max of 60t. On the datasheets you will find the details about the safe overload and ultimate overload. For all S-type loadcells we define a safe overload of 150%. The ultimate overload is defined at 300%.

We offer OIML approved S-type loadcells. This means you can use them in legal for trade applications. Besides the OIML approval we also have the ATEX certification available for this range of load cells. With this certification you can install the S-type load cell in hazardous areas. Please find here the ATEX certificates for the S-type load cells.

Ingress Protection (IP)-value
We offer IP67 and IP68 S-type load cells. The hermetically sealed HM3Q and BM3 load cells are the only S-type load cells we offer with an IP68 rate. The H3, H3G and B3G load cells are compliant with the IP67 rating.

In addition to S-type cells Zemic also offers bending beam loadcells, single point load cells, compression loadcells, etc.

How S-Type load cells are used

The load cells will be stretched or compressed when force is applied. Exactly on the spot where the deflection occurs, strain gauges are situated to detect this change in shape. By placing a strain gauge on each crucial spot, the gauges will give a change in their resistance. With the use of electronics this change in resistance is transmitted into a change of weight (grams / kilogrammes) or force (Newton). The strain gauges are placed and working in a Wheatstone bridge.

The most S-type load cells are used in push and pull installations. On the top and the bottom of S-type load cells you will find threaded holes. The metric dimensions of these holes can be found on the data sheet. When installing S-type load cells the right accessories can be mounted in the S-type loadcells.

Assembly which is often used in combination with S-type loadcells are hooks, eyes and rod ends. On the datasheets of the assembly you will find the specification of the hooks. You will not only find the sizes but we also advise the capacity and static lifting weight. We also mention whether the assembly is suitable for the H3, H3G, B3G or BM3 loadcells.

All strain gauge load cells we deliver contain a calibration sheet. On this calibration sheet you will find the output signal in mV/V at eMax. For S-type loadcells this value is given in tension. You will need this value when you are doing a theoretical calibration of your application. Our Top-sensors transmitters are standard in offering this feature. If you would like to read more about calibration, please check our blog “Load cell calibration”. In this blog we also inform you about how to perform a real calibration with weights.

The electrical signals we offer are 2mV/V and 3 mV/V output signals. This value is important when you would like to replace an S-type load cell from another brand. Most of the times Zemic can offer you the right alternative. If you have any doubts when making your S-type selection, please contact us.

Examples of applications with S-Type load cells

In the case study we have published together with Omnidea, you can see how S-type load cells are installed. This case study is about capturing high altitude wind energy. The S-type is installed in the ground base station, in order to measure the force from the balloon pulling on the cable. This force and energy is transferred into power, green energy.

In the case study we have published together with Pack Tools, you can see how we developed a custom made S-type load cell. We are pleased that Pack Tools approached us to help with this development. As a leading manufacturer and designer of load cells we like to think along with our customers. We always want to find the best solution for any question concerning force measurement. It is a great challenge to participate in an innovation that offers so many benefits to users and which also contributes to greater sustainability.

In the case study we have published together with Wireless Value, you can see how S-types are used for weight measurement of fruit and vegetables. Agrisensys is an internet of things (IoT) solution to gain more knowledge and better control of water irrigation. This application is used by growers of, among others, Hortensia, Phalaenopsis, tomato, eggplant and cucumber. For this purpose wireless weighing is applied with force sensors from Zemic.

You will also find S-type loadcells mainly in the following fields:

- Hoist and crane weighing
- Big bag weighing
- Other hanging devices and scales
- Hopper scales

Why use S-Type load cells from Zemic Europe?

We would like to be your partner in the field of force measurement. We offer you the following benefits:

- Fast delivery: We have over 40.000 load cells in stock ready for immediate delivery throughout Europe. When needed we can offer a 24h delivery service.

- Best quality / service / price ratio: With more than 35 years of being active in the field of weighing and our 130.000m2 high tech production facility, we can offer the best quality / service / price ratio. Our customers value us as an excellent supplier. At Zemic you have a fixed contact person, who in most cases speaks your language. 

- Complete range of products: We offer 1000 different types of force sensors. Those types are available in ranges from 20 grams up to 1000 tonnes. 

- Custom made products: When a standard product does not fit your needs, we are capable of customization. Daily 225 engineers are working on special custom-made force sensor solutions. We like to think along with you for the best solution. This is possible for both proto-typing and for series production.


You can read more about Zemic Europe here: about us.


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