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 130.000m² hi-tech production with
best quality / service / price ratio
 40.000+ loadcells on stock
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 225+ engineers for
custom products
 1.000+ standardized force
sensors 20 grams - 1000t

Planar Beam

Planar beam loadcells

Planar beam loadcells, also known as planar force sensors, are used in low profile solutions where space is limited. These loadcells can be used as single or multiple loadcell structured platform scales.

Applications with planar beam loadcells

Most of the applications using planar beams are suited with 3 or 4 pieces for each application. The low profile weighing equipment can be found in many different applications like medical scales (hospital bed and chairs, baby scales, incubators), agricultural devices, retail scales, bench scales and many other weighing devices.

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