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Load Cells

Load cells and force sensors

The heart of any weighing or measuring system is the load cell. You will need load cells and force sensors in basically any application where forces or weights need to be measured or monitored.

On this page you see the wide range of load cells we offer.

We can offer you your own Zemic private label with or without OIML approvals. If our wide range of standard products does not meet your requirements our engineering staff of over 280 engineers are ready to design a special product according to your specifications.

Our experts are ready to give you more information and help you make a choice.

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What kind of load cell do I need?

At Zemic Europe we define different load cell types.

The selection of the type of load cell is mostly based on the kind of application you have. For example: when you have a small to medium sized platform scale, the use of single point load cells is most common. 

When you are looking for a load cell for a weighbridge you will need another type. The most common used type of load cells for weighbridges are compression load cells

In the table below you can see an overview of load cell types:

 Type  Capacity range  Application
 Single Point load cells  0,3kg up to 2t    Small to medium sized platform scales
 Planar Beam load cells  6kg up to 130kg  Medical and retail scales with low built-in height
 Bending Beam load cells  5kg up to 50t  Platform weighing scales and small weighing bunkers
 Shear Beam load cells  100kg up to 50t  Scales applications in nearly every industry such as process, medical,
 retail and agricultural
 Dual Shear Beam load cells  2,3t up to 113,4t  Trucks and truck scales, tank and weighing bunkers
 S-type load cells  25kg up to 30t  Applications with static and dynamic forces, such as cranes
 Compression load cells  500kg up to 800t  Weighbridges, large weighing platforms and bunker scales
 Ring Torsion load cells  60kg up to 60t  High accuracy weighing bunkers, silos, platforms, and pallet scales
 Spoke Type load cells  1t up to 700t  Low installation height, relatively high precision, for measuring large
 Onboard load cells  6t up to 10t  Weighing on board of a truck, tractor, or other vehicle
 Load pins  0,5t up to 200t  Measuring dynamic, static, and hoisting forces
 Weigh pads  650kg up to 15t  Weighing cars and determining the centre of gravity of airplanes

 Custom-made solutions

 Capacity on

 For any kind of application, please contact us

Select the best fitting load cell 

On this page you can select the best fitting load cell(s) by using the filter options on the left side of the screen.

- Category / Load cell type
- Material: alloy steel, aluminium, and stainless steel
- Load cell capacity: 20 grams up to 1000 tons
- Accuracy: we offer load cells in accuracy classes C3, C4, C5 and C6
- Approval: we offer load cells with different certifications (like OIML, NTEP, Gost, FM, ATEX)
- Degree of protection: our load cells vary form IP64 until IP69K
- Application: for example, platform weighing and onboard weighing
- Industry: we offer for many different industries, like agriculture, medical and process industry.

Our experts are ready to give you more information and help you make the choice. For any questions, please contact us.

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Why load cells from Zemic Europe?

We would like to be your partner in the field of force measurement. We offer you the following benefits:

- Fast delivery: We have over 40.000 load cells in stock ready for immediate delivery throughout Europe. When needed we can offer a 24h delivery service.

- Best quality / service / price ratio: With more than 35 years of being active in the field of weighing and our 130.000m2 high tech production facility, we can offer the best quality / service / price ratio. Our customers value us as an excellent supplier. At Zemic you have a fixed contact person, who in most cases speaks your language. 

- Complete range of products: We offer 1000 different types of force sensors. Those types are available in ranges from 20 grams up to 1000 tonnes. 

- Custom made products: When a standard product does not fit your needs, we are capable of customization. Daily 225 engineers are working on special custom-made force sensor solutions. We like to think along with you for the best solution. This is possible for both proto-typing and for series production.


You can read more about load cells here: about load cells.

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