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In the retail industry many miniature sensorssingle point load cells and object identification systems are being used. 

Due to the high volume of sensors in this market it is our challenge to produce and stock enough products for our customers in order to offer the best price, quality and service level you can expect.


 Force sensors in the retail industry

retail shelf weighing


This sector can be divided into:

  • Shelves with weighing function
  • Counter weighing with tickets
  • Counter weighing without tickets
  • Check weighing
  • Weigh-pricing-label weighing instruments
  • Self service weighing instruments

Important characteristics of force sensors

Typical features or demands for force sensors within this sector are:

  • OIML approved sensors (legal-for-trade)
  • Low built-in height
  • Relative low capacities
  • Miniature sensors
  • High Accuracy


Object Identification Systems in the retail industry

Zemic offers 2 different Object Identification Systems which can be used to identify the weight information and weight change information of a single commodity in the cabinet, or a shelf. These systems can be applied for stock management in different environments, like the retail industry, warehouses, farms. When the system ‘knows’ the weight of a single product, it can determine which and how many products are taken from a shelf or out of a vending machine.

2 different Object Identification Systems:
Weighing kit cross; can be placed under shelves. 
Weighing kit bar; can be used in vending machines

What does the Zemic Object Identification System do for the Retail industry?

Many applications of the Object Identification System can be found in the retail industry.
The system is able to identify the weight information and weight change information of a single commodity in the cabinet, with the minimum recognition accuracy of 1 gram. So it can actively read the real-time weight of the current shelf. It can also actively upload the weight change during the shopping process to the user interface.

Retail weighing - accurate shelf measurement - shelf monitoring  

Zemic - Minimart - Vending Machine

The weighing bars can be placed under the shelves in a vending machine. 



Zemic intelligent shelves

The weighing cross can be placed under the shelves.     



Case Studies

  1. My Vitaminbar integrates BM6A single point load cells to live your juicy life!

  2. The smart shopping trolley Easy Shopper is the most modern shopping trolley in the world. Simple, convenience and shopping are the three keywords that describe this innovation. This is the shopping experience of the future.

  3. Zuply makes life easier. Healthy meals at work any time of the day. This is why Zuply developed this smart catering solution. 

  4. Indaco Project is specialized in hardware and software automation of various industrial processes. With the loadcells of Zemic Indaco has produced a Personal Storage Machine for real time stock management; the TomBox.

  5. Edge NPD’s underStand is an Internet of Things hardware and software solution for both retailers and manufacturers. It is a weight sensor-based, cloud connected device which collects and processes data from POS in real time.

  6. Zemic force sensors can be used in all markets requiring payment systems in machines.

  7. As a designer and manufacturer of millions of straingages Zemic has developed itself as a specialist of custom made miniature sensors.

  8. Process industry is using Top-Sensors transmitters to save time and space.

  9. IP69K is the Ingress Protection classification for devices that can be cleaned by high pressure water jets. 
    The unique selling point for our customers is the combination of stainless steel and IP69K.

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