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Novuqare uses miniature sensors for sterile sealing medical instruments

Once Novuqare and Zemic Europe came together and started working on their first project, they knew they would be great partners. 

Novuqare has the ambition to improve healthcare by her unique, innovative med-tech solutions.

They work together with healthcare professionals and patients on studies and projects to initiate innovations and solutions that are clinical relevant. They make them accessible against acceptable costs. Finally their goal is that every healthcare professional and patient are able to use their solutions to their full extent.

Zemic Europe has developed a special custom made force sensor based on the specific needs of Novuqare and to help them achieve their goals. 

Collaboration Zemic Europe & Novuqare

  • Medical force sensor know-how and engineering expertise
  • Zemic Europe's best quality, service and price ratio
  • Custom made and modified force sensors based on Novuqare know-how of medical products
  • Fast deliveries of force sensors

How Zemic Europe miniature sensors are integrated in a medical solution.

The miniature sensors in the Novuqare's sealing devices are used to measure the force applied during the sealing process. It is vital that the medical bags are sealed, under sterile conditions, using the correct amount of pressure.





Modified miniature sensors integrated in Novuqare's sealing device 

With the modified force sensors, Novuqare is able to act quickly and efficiently according to their customers’ requirements in the medical industry.  The minature sensor has the following characteristics:

-Aluminium bending miniature sensor.
-High accuracy.
-Used for different balances.

Product Datasheet 1B-S Miniature Sensor
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Sealer medical unit

More about medical sealing device.

Novuqare has developed an innovative sealing device for a strong partner in the medical industry. These sealers are used for packaging medical instruments before they are sterilised. ProSeal sealers are used in the Central Sterilisation Department; in hospitals, in dentist and veterinary practices and in clinics. The demand for validated high-end sealers is ever increasing. The ProSeal line meets this market need.

- A new, unique design which received an iF Design Award in February 2015
- Intuitive CENTRIC touchscreen interface
- Slowstart-function for easier sealing of large packages
- Low throughput for ease of use
- Validated in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO 11607-2: 2006)

Novuqare logo

About Novuqare

Novuqare develops and produces high-quality medical products and brings them on the market, either on its own or with strong partners. As an OEM partner, Novuqare has long-term partnership agreements. Novuqare is ISO 13485 certified. For the development of products for Novuqare or its partners we are always looking for new and innovative solutions enabling the user to work better, faster and safer. That is why Novuqare cooperates closely with Key Opinion Leaders.

For more information visit: http://www.novuqare.com/ 

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