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Incubator Babybloom equipped with force sensors

Babybloom healthcare believes that incubator babies worldwide deserve a warm and safe place in which they can grow. A place that is truly friendly and comfortable for the child, parents and medical staff. The starting point to accomplish this mission is the heart of neonatology, the nursing incubator.

Another development from Babybloom healthcare is the BabyBloom Changing Scale. This scale is a child, parent and nurse friendly scale that integrates weighing and changing.


  • Babybloom Healthcare
  • High accuracy sensors
  • Reliable measurement.
  • Custom made miniature sensors for weighing babies.
The BabyBloom Changing Scale

BabyBloom Incubator.

The BabyBloom Incubator is the only incubator that can be positioned over a hospital bed, offering intimate contact even from the first hours after birth. The extreme high-low adjustment also allows a mother in a wheelchair to sit comfortably at the incubator.



Integrated scale.

The BabyBloom Incubator is the best choice for those infants most in need of intensive medical care. It fully integrates in any NICU environment and is compatible with all devices used for the treatment of premature and sick babies. The BabyBloom Incubator holds all functions and features that are required to give optimal care to the patient. The Zemic force sensors integrated in the Babyloom gives this medical device a 2 gram accurate weighing function.








integrated scale
The BabyBloom Changing Scale

BabyBloom Changing Scale integrates a weighing scale and a changing mat into a single device.

There’s no need to move the baby to a cold weighing scale anymore. Fewer devices on the nursery ward mean more space. And weight measurements can be easily recorded by printing them and adding them to the baby’s medical record. The BabyBloom Changing Scale has been developed in close cooperation with one of the leading Dutch hospitals on Family Centred Care, the Máxima Medical Centre.

Stress reduction during weighing procedure.

Newborn children are regularly weighed in the first days after birth. This procedure is done during changing, since the baby’s clothes and diaper need to be removed. The child usually gets transferred from a heated changing mat to an unheated weighing scale, which often results in a distressed baby. The BabyBloom Changing Scale has been designed to put an end to this, by measuring the weight while the child rests on the changing mat. Thanks to the highly user friendly weighing procedure the nurse can leave clothing and diapers on the mat, lift the baby up, put her down, while the device automatically weighs the child.

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