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Zemic wins an Automation Inside Award

The winners of the 2019 edition of the Automation Inside Readers Choice Awards have been announced. Zemic Europe wins in the category 'Best Identification Technologies'.


Zemic Europe wins the award with the Zemic Object Identification Systems For Retail Industry

Intelligent shelve supermarket: Cross




Zemic Object Identification Systems For Retail Industry: ZWPS-408-UK Cross

Zemic Europe introduced the Object Identification System this year, which can be used to identify the weight information and weight change information of a single commodity in the cabinet, or a shelf. These systems can be applied for stock management in different environments, like the retail industry, warehouses, farms. When the system ‘knows’ the weight of a single product, it can determine which and how many products are taken from a shelf or out of a vending machine.

Integrating Object Identification kits has many advantages such as:

            •  Check on stock, based on weight of products still available in the cabinet
            •  Exact and accurate check out. Ideal for cheese vending machines, meat vending machines, vending machines with electronics, farm vending machines, locker vending machines 
            •  Intelligent shelf monitoring 
            •  In and out product detection 
            •  Stock control 
            •  Check out based on weight, no loss of products, profit optimization


ZWPS-408-UK Object identification system - Weighing kit cross:

These units can identify 1 gram weight. The load life is at least 1 million time counts, this system has a high reliability and is easy for maintenance. The load sensing units are also easily replaced.

                •  Object Identification System Shelf Crosses
                  •  Intelligent shelf
                    •  Cross load sensing unit to be placed under shelf
                      •  Cross load sensing unit available in different capacities: 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg, 50kg).
                        •  Dimension cross load sensing unit: 400x144 mm.
                          •  These units can identify from 1 gram weight.
                            •  This load sensing unit is stable in long-term loading, has a small creep and zero return.
                              •  Electrical lines and integrated processor (RS485 / TCP/IP).


To see all award winners look here: https://www.automationinside.com/award/winners/automation-inside-awards-2019

Zemic is winner of an Automation Inside Award!

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