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Zemic thanks their visitors at the Interweighing exhibition 2019

Zemic thanks their visitors at the Interweighing exhibition 2019
Corné van Gool Sales Manager

The scope and contents of InterWeighing are various non-automatic weighing instruments, automatic weighing instruments, all kinds of scales, balances, weighing systems, indicators, load cells, weights, testing instruments and devices, electronic components and materials used in the field of measuring and weighing.

Many customers and visitors from Asia, Europe, USA, Oceania and Africa visited our stand at InterWeighing.

We want to thank the visitors for meeting with us and we are looking forward to a great year of weighing and measuring!

We have presented many products and we have highlighted the following:

Object Identification Systems: Zemic offers 2 different Object Identification Systems which can be used to identify the weight information and weight change information of a single commodity in the cabinet, or a shelf.

Elevator Weighing Kits: Available in 3 versions. Zemic offers the elevator weighing kit cabin, under springs and into springs.

Onboard weighing systems: Offering load cells and solutions with diversified structure, good stability and high protection class for onboard weighing equipment.

Hygiene Load cell: This load cell is suitable for filling and measuring raw materials in food and pharmaceutical industries. The load cell is applied with special stainless steel, IP68/IP69K, complies with requirement of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG).

250 °C High temperature load cell: Suitable for high temperature environment, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, power, aviation, aerospace and neclear industry. The operating temperature is -20 °C till +250°C, Accuracy 0,5% FS in full temperature range, hermetically welded, IP68. Customized design is possible.

Interweighing 2019

Of course we would also like to thank all our colleagues for a pleasant collaboration and a fantastic exhibition!



We want to thank our visitors for meeting us at the Interweighing!

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