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Zemic is specialist in custom made sensors and strain gauges

Zemic is specialist in custom made sensors and strain gauges
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Maybe you are searching for a specific force measurement or weighing solution. We can help you selecting the best fitting components from our product range or develop a customised product.


Wide range of products

Zemic develops and manufactures a wide range of products;

• Load cells
• Strain gauges
• Miniature sensors
• Weighing accessories
• Electronics
• Weighing kits

From our location in The Netherlands we deliver these products to our customers all over Europe.


We offer a wide range of load cells and strain gauges, as you can see on this website. We produce sensors in the capacities from 20 grams up to 1000 tonnes. There are single point loadcells, shear beams, compression loadcells, miniature sensors and more.

We also produce different types of strain gauges.

Customised products

If our standard products do not meet your requirements, we can also design customised products. This applies to load cells, miniature sensors and strain gauges.

Zemic has a specially equipped sensor department, for the design, sampling and production of your custom made force sensors and strain gauges. Daily 280 engineers are working on special custom made force sensor and strain gauge solutions.

We like to think along with you for the best solution. We have the production facility to accommodate small batches of sample pieces or to mass produce millions of sensors.

Some examples of adaptations we can do;

We can adapt the following features of load cells:                                                                                                        

- The wires (other colour)
- Cable length
- Capacity
- Dimensions
- Accuracy
- An assembled connector with or without premoulded cable
- Output resistance 
- Painted or epoxy coated loadcells

Or a complete new load cell, with specific dimensions to fit in your application.                                                                                                          

We can also modify and customize the following strain gauge features:  

- Length of the backing
- Width of the backing
- Resistance
- STC code
- Wiring
- Material



Together with our engineers we will develop a customised fit to your application. 

Examples of custom made products:

We have a great deal of experience in designing customised products. We have already done this for clients in various sectors. About some of these projects we have written a case study. Some examples are:

-          Why Pack Tools integrates Zemic load cells in their XTE-motion®

-          Miniature sensors used for Esense; a system that makes moving of patient beds and lifts easy

-          Zemic miniature sensor integrated in the VMG Tension Meter for sailing boats

-          Customized loadpins used in Material lifts

-          Force sensor for pedal force electrical bikes

-          Miniature force sensors used in medical device


Do you need a force measurement or weighing solution?


Our weighing experts are ready to help you.

Please contact us:                                                             




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