•  130.000m² hi-tech production with
    best quality / service / price ratio
  •  40.000+ loadcells on stock
    in Europe for fast delivery
  •  225+ engineers for
    custom products
  •  1.000+ standardized force
    sensors 20 grams - 1000t

We believe we make you stronger!

We believe we make you stronger!
Corné van Gool Sales Manager

The Covid-19 pandemic brings inevitably challenges in the force measurement and weighing industry.
Obviously health and well-being comes first, but this also brings opportunities for new projects. 

For example; we see new retail applications like intelligent shelves and supermarket carts that are being developed to create new safe customer experiences. We also are involved in the development of new ergonomic devices for rehabilitation.

FoodZuply with weighing function                5th wheel by indes

So what can we do for you? We believe we make you stronger. Zemic Europe is the specialist working to develop custom force sensors together with you. Zemic has a specially equipped sensor department, for the design, sampling and production of your custom made force sensor. We have the production facility to accomodate small batches of sample pieces or to mass produce millions of force sensors.

Our loadcells are used for measuring force or weight in many applications from medical to leisure and from process to agricultural devices.When contacting us, our specialists will discuss all the necessary specifications and outlay of the loadcell with you. From this, a datasheet will be made in consultation with our production facility and presented to you. After approval of this datasheet, the specifications are set and sample production can begin. After the approval of the samples, the custom products can move on to the next step as serial produced products.
Would you like to discuss about your product or idea, our specialists are there for you, so feel free to contact us by phone: (+31) 76 5039480 or by e-mail: info@zemic.nl 




Zemic Europe is the specialist working to develop custom force sensors together with you! 

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