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Zemic Europe visited Euvend&Coffeena

Zemic Europe visited Euvend&Coffeena
Alex van Wijk Business Development Manager

On the 9th of May Zemic Europe visited the Euvend&Coffeena Exhibition. As Zemic Europe is introducing weight sensors and complete vending kits for vending machines and coffee machines, the Euvend&Coffeena is an interesting place to meet innovative partners.

euvend coffenaa vending weight sensors

Weight sensors used in coffee and vending machines

In the retail industry many miniature sensorssingle point load cells and Object Identification Systems are being used. As a leading manufacturer and designer of these products we want to assist companies with their enquiries, challenges and innovations.

An upcoming trend is the use of weight sensors in vending and coffee machines. Integrating weight sensors in vending machines has many advantages such as:

  • -Extra check on stock, based on weight of products still available in the cabinet.
  • -Exact and accurate check out, ideal for cheese vending machines, meat vending machines, vending machines with electronics, farm vending machines, locker vending machines.
  • -Intelligent shelf monitoring
  • -In and out product detection
  • -Stock control
  • -Check out based on weight, no loss of products, profit optimalisation.

Checking out based on weight

A whole new way of vending is being developed in Europe. Checking out based on your ID and prices depending on the weight of a unit are being integrated in vending machines. More specifically you will find them in the so called "micro markets". 

Weight cell used for the perfect cup of coffee

While visiting this exhibition we also received feedback from the coffee vending machine market. Nowadays each coffee machine is calibrated in the factory only once. After this calibrating procedure, the machine will go to the customer and it will need be re-calibrated every now and then, to keep the coffee at a constant level of quality. Striving for "the best cup of coffee" the integration of a weight sensor to weigh the coffee powder after the coffee beans are crushed seems to be a must. Together with several companies in this coffee market, Zemic is developing weight sensors, which are able to continuously dose the right amount of ground coffee for the type of coffee being selected. This way the perfect cup of coffee can be guaranteed.   

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An upcoming trend is the use of weight sensors in vending and coffee machines. Integrating weight sensors in vending machines has many advantages! 

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