•  130.000m² hi-tech production with
    best quality / service / price ratio
  •  40.000+ loadcells on stock
    in Europe for fast delivery
  •  225+ engineers for
    custom products
  •  1.000+ standardized force
    sensors 20 grams - 1000t

15 years ago...

15 years ago...
Erik van Wijk General Manager

When Zemic Europe started in 2006 we made different business plans based on the market, our portfolio and our capability to differentiate ourself in the market.

In all of those plans the business principle was the same; focus on our core competences -  strain gages and loadcells and listen to the needs of our customers. During the years we developed a clear vision and mission; we want to be an inspiring  and innovative partner for our customers. We want to add value to the products of our customers to make them competitive and winners in their market.
Today, 15 years later this has become our Zemic DNA as stated in our slogan “We believe we make you stronger!”

Another key factor of the success of Zemic Europe is our production facility in China. The Zemic group has 3200 employees with 250 engineers and has one of the largest strain gage and force sensor factories in the world. Modern factory automation such as automatic gage bonding and automatic corner compensation are part of automatic production lines with little human intervention specially for high volume, good quality and automotive related products.

Zemic Europe brings millions of force sensors into the European market yearly serving more than 3000 customers in Europe.

Finally the biggest key factor of our success is the daily inspiration we get from our customers; the challenges, ideas for new applications, advice for improvements and the privilege to contribute to the success of our customers!

We are looking forward to the next 15 years!

Erik van Wijk
General Manager

We believe we make you stronger!
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