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Prozess Industrie

In the process, automation and control industry the word weighing or measuring is often used.

All sectors, within the process industry, have one thing in common: the ability to weigh or measure products.

In order to select the correct weighing component it is important to check if you need an ATEX certified product and whether the customer requires an OIML certification (legal-for-trade).

Zemic Europe supplies force sensors to the following sub-industries::
• Pharmaceutical
• Food
• Chemical
• Packaging
• Metal / electronic devices

Zemic will always strive to find a solution which will fulfill your needs.

case studies

Zemic’s Engineering-Teams haben die effizienteste und kosteneffektive Lösung zur Überlast-Erkennung für Aufzüge und Hebesysteme entwickelt.

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Single Point Wägezellen und Wägetransmitter integriert in Kofferscanner für Kabinengepäck.

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Zemic force sensors can be used in all markets requiring payment systems in machines.

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Zemic developed, produces and delivers special force sensors which are applied in the RLT (Rapid Load Testing) for pylons. This installation of the company CapeHolland involves a shaft, an elevator and a deadweight no less than 80 tonnes.

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Process industry is using Top-Sensors transmitters to save time and space.

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IP69K is the Ingress Protection classification for devices that can be cleaned by high pressure water jets. 
The unique selling point for our customers is the combination of stainless steel and IP69K.

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Excellent solution for accurate weighing in the most  harsh “wash down” and hazardous environments, in the food, chemical and process industries. 

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Precision agriculture is all about performing the right treatment, at the right place and at the right time. 

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