•  130.000m² Produktion mit bestem
    Qualitäts- / Service / Preisverhältnis
  •  Über 40.000 Wägezellen in Europa
    auf Lager für schnelle Lieferung
  •  Über 225 Ingenieure für
    kundenspezifische Produkte
  •   Über 1000 standardisierte Kraft-
    sensoren 20 Gramm - 1000 Tonnen


How can I connect more load cells to one transmitter?

By using a junction ...

Where can I find the manual for my electronic device?

You can find the man...

I am looking for a .gsd file, where can I find it?

You can find the man...

What is a transmitter?

A transmitter is an ...

Do I always have to calibrate the transmitter before using it?

Every loadcell you c...

Can I connect loadcells with 2mV/V and 3mV/V onto the Top-Sensors Transmitters?

Yes, the max sensiti...

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