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New colleague at Zemic Europe for elevator weighing systems

New colleague at Zemic Europe for elevator weighing systems
Alex van Wijk Business Development Manager

We are pleased to announce our new colleague and your new contact person at Zemic Europe for elevator and lifting weighing systems; 


Zemic Europe delivers elevator weighing systems for overload detection and more.

Elevator weighing kits are available in 3 versions. These are based on 3 different ways elevator companies are measuring the weight or force. We offer complete solutions to measure the weight under the cabin, under the cable springs and into the cable springs. With its unique features elevator manufacturers are able to detect overload situation, adjust engine power, detect child’s (weight under 15kg) and save time by using the 90% load relay.

Alex van Wijk; If your company is looking for any solution or do have technical or commercial questions I am looking forward to help you. You can contact me or request a quotation via:"  

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